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Using HathiTrust

How to search HathiTrust

HathiTrust is searchable by a general keyword search and using an advanced full-text search. Searching for items available full text (full view) is the default. The ability to change to the full database, including material still in copyright, is available via display tabs with in a search.

General searching

General Searching: This searches the full text of a document and all fields of the catalog record. Results can be filtered and refined a variety of ways including language, date, author, subject, and place of publication. 

Phrase searching is available using quotation marks eg. "Birds of Oregon". Truncation methods such as the asterix also apply, eg. Oreg*.


Advanced full-text search

Advanced Full-text Search: Allows Boolean searching by specific fields (title, subject, etc) as well as date and language. Due to the size of the database, we recommend starting with the advanced search when looking for specific titles. After the initial advance search, the filtering is the same as in the general search.

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