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Citation Management Tools

Citation managers help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. Click on the links below for guidance on using these tools.

Learning Opportunities

For help learning these tools, contact an expert listed on the tool's guide or sign up for one of our workshops:

Parts of a Guide You Can Add to Canvas

There are individual parts of UO Libraries' Research Guides that you can add to a course in Canvas. 

For best results: Add your Subject Librarian to your Canvas course to assist you.

Adding a Page of a Research Guide to Your Course

  • Log in to Canvas and go to your Modules page.
  • Create a new Module (see "Research Process Module" below) or navigate to an existing Module you wish to embed content in.
  • Within the Module you would like to add your guide to, click on the small plus icon (+) to Add an Item.

Screenshot of how to add a module and add an item in Canvas

  • Select to add an External Tool.
  • Select LibraryResearchGuides from the options. 
    • A URL will appear in the box. Do not change this URL. Click Add Item.
  • Next, click on the Item LibraryResearchGuides to go to the LibApps Library Content Selection menu: 

Screen shot of LibApps Library Content Selection Menu showing LibGuides Site: Research Guides -; Content Type options: Full LibGuide, Single Page, or Content Box

  • For Content Type you will select from the Guides & Guide Content options: Full LibGuide (a Research Guide), a Single Page (of a guide), or a Content Box (on a page).
  • Choose a Guide by name that you want your content to come from. Then, select your content. The example below shows the "Getting Started with Research" Guide, and the Page called "[Step] 5. Organize, Write & Cite." 

Screen shot of LibApps Library Content Selection Menu showing LibGuides Site: Research Guides -; Content Type: Single Page; Guide: Getting Started with Research; Guide Page: 5. Organize, Write & Cite

  • Click on the Embed Content button.

The last step is to edit your guide name and have it load in a new window.

  • Click on the three dots on the right and select Edit.

Screen shot of Edit Menu of the Module Item showing the change to the Guide Page name as "Citation Help"

  • Give your guide a name [Ex. "Citation Help].
  • Click the box to Load in a new tab and click on the Update button to save. This will allow students to explore the guide without navigating away from your Canvas class, and it ensures that all links within the Guide will load properly.

  • You're done! When students click on the embedded module content, they will be prompted to click on the button to load it in a new window. 

load in a new window button in canvas


You can repeat this process to bring in as many guides as you like to any module or modules. You will follow this process to bring in an entire Full Guide or a Single Page or a Content Box. If you would like to modify content that you have previously embedded, click on the module item, then choose Edit Selection. Repeat the outlined steps to select and embed new content.