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​Getting Started with Research

A guide to help with the essentials of library research

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UO Libraries Citation Guide

Sharing & Saving Your Work

Bibliographic Management Tools

Free tool for bibliographies/reference lists and collecting your papers in one place. It has two components:

Install Mendeley Desktop on your personal computer(s), and use it to:

  • extract citation information (metadata) from pdf files that are on your desktop
  • organize your files, citations
  • set up a Watch Folder to automatically import files
  • view, annotate pdfs
  • connect to groups, share papers
  • insert footnotes and bibliographies with the included plug-in for Word and OpenOffice

Log in to Mendeley web, from any computer, to:

  • connect to your collection from other computers
  • connect to groups, share papers
  • add citations from your web browser
Tutorials on the Mendeley site, and from the University of Sheffield.

​Mendeley Apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad, and some "Mendeley-lite" Apps for Android.

Free for individual private use, with 2 GB of storage and 1 private group of up to 3 users. Extend your storage options by synchronizing with a cloud storage service (here is an example using Dropbox
). UO students, faculty, and staff have access to OneDrive, which provides 1TB of cloud storage. Use premium plans for more storage, or for larger teams.
Need more help? Contact one of our Mendeley experts: 

Or Check out the Mendeley How-To Guide:

Zotero is a free, open-source citation management tool available as a desktop application that works with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Zotero offers 300 MB of free web storage space (additional space can be purchased). 

Getting started with Zotero: 

  • Go to and click on "Register" to create a free account.
  • Download the Zotero desktop application onto your personal computer and the browser extension from 
  • Add citations to your library:
    • Click on the browser extension
    • OR add PDFs directly to the desktop application (right-click and select "Retrieve metadata for PDF")
  • Use the citation plug-in for Microsoft Word to generate in-text citations and bibliographies based on the citations in your Zotero library. (Go to Tools --> Add-ons to enable or disable Word plug-in). 

If you previously used the browser-integrated version of Zotero in Firefox, this is no longer supported. See this page for more information.

You can find documentation and trouble-shooting tips for Zotero at (in process of being updated for Zotero 5.0).

Need more help? Contact one of our Zotero experts:
Or Check out the Zotero How-To Guide:

EndNote Online (also known as EndNote Basic) accounts are available free to UO faculty, students, and staff.   Sign up for an account at this page (You must be on a UO computer or using the UO's VPN to create an account.  Once the account is created, you do not have to use the VPN or a UO computer) 

The EndNote software is available for purchase. It is similar to the online version but with many more bells and whistles. UO faculty, students, and staff should purchase EndNote through The Duck Store to receive a discounted rate ($100). Call The Duck Store (541-346-4331) for availability.   

These programs organize and group references in any way that works for you and then allow you to work with your citations in word processing software.

Need more help? Contact one of our EndNote experts:
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Organizing Your Research - Avoiding Plagiarism

The best way to organize your research is to find a way that works for you! Here are some suggestions:

A table showing note cards, research journal, spreadsheet, and a reference manager.


Notecards icon from Noun Project


Noun project icon of spreadsheet

Research Journal

composition book icon from Noun Project

Reference/Citation Manager 

Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote Basic, etc.

Quotation icon from Noun Project

Whatever approach you choose, your method should highlight useful search words, subject headings, and keep track of where you found your information sources in case you or another researcher needs to go back to verify the information you cite. Organizing your research is a great way to avoid plagiarism!

Help with writing & editing your paper

Major Citation Styles - Official and Unofficial Guidance

Official Style Manuals:

Humanities fields

Social Sciences fields

Humanities & Social Sciences fields

Some Sciences fields

Unofficial yet Credible Style Resources:
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