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ES 399: Race, Indigeneity and Contemporary Art

TIP: Saving Citations

If you see this symbol in Librarysearch, you can select it to copy the item's citation in your preferred style. Always remember to check citations for accuracy before including them in your work.


Try finding the Chicago/Turabian citation for the book linked below:

Getting Started

Cite your sources

Academic writing involves research. You may consult various information sources (articles, books, images, video, etc.) to learn about a topic. When you write about what you've learned, it's important to cite where you found that information. Citing gives credit to the author or maker of the information source. This includes ideas, quotes, facts, images, figures, etc.


Citation styles

A citation style is a set of guidelines about how to cite sources. Different fields prefer different citation styles. You can always check with your instructor to find out which citation style they prefer. Sometimes they may require a particular style and other times they may let you choose. If you're unsure of which citation style to use, talk to your librarian and they can help you select a style and find the matching style guide.


Style Guides

Here are two style guides that are commonly used in writing about art:

Check the resources below for help with writing and organizing your citations:

More Citation Resources


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