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Low Cost and No Cost Courses

When you're looking for classes using the UO Class Schedule, you can now choose to search for courses with Low-Cost Materials or No-Cost Materials.

  • Low Cost Materials: Required course materials for the section cost $50 or less
  • No Cost Materials: There is no cost for required course materials for the section or no course materials are required.

These designations do not include course fees which are listed separately, if applicable, and they do not include any program costs. If avoiding expensive course materials is important to you, these filters can help you make an informed choice when picking your classes. Regardless of whether a course is high cost, low cost, or no cost, all courses now include a "Course Materials" link that you click on to view required course materials through the Duck Store Book List, along with estimated costs.

How to use the Low/No Cost Filters

The Low-Cost Materials and No-Cost Materials filters are available through the UO Class Schedule. After selecting the term, enter any search parameters (like subject/department, credits, time slots, etc). Then select Low-Cost Materials and/or No-Cost Materials to get a list of courses that only include courses with low/no cost materials (less than $50). 

Note: This filter is not currently available in Schedule Builder, but you will be able to search for courses with low/no cost materials using Schedule Builder in a future term.

UO class schedule search page, arrow pointing to no cost and low cost filter check boxes

Video Tutorial: Find Low/No Cost Courses

How to Preview Required Course Materials

All courses, regardless of the price of their materials, should include a link to the Duck Store textbook estimate that will let you view the required course materials for the class and the estimated prices.

  1. In the UO Class Schedule, once you find a course section you're interested in, click on the CRN to view more details (The CRN is a 5 digit number).
    Section listing for HIST 342 in the class schedule list, arrow pointing at CRN.
  2. In the "Course Data" box there should be a "Course Materials" link. Clicking on it will take you to the class's Duck Store page which will list the required course materials and their prices.Course page for Hist 342, arrow pointing at Course Materials link in course data box.
  3. The Duck Store page will include details about the required materials and any notes from the instructor. You can save courses to your booklist on the Duck Store website to keep a list of your required books in one place.
    Duck store page listing required materials for hist 342.

Using the tools and tips in this guide, you can search for a low cost or no cost version of your required books, or find a used or rental option online or through the Duck Store to lower costs. You can also use the Duck Store search page to view the required materials for courses you're interested in.

 duck store class search page