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Citation Management Software - Mendeley

Mendeley is a free desktop and cloud application that helps you manage your research.

Mendeley Web Overview

Overview allows you to view and edit your Library in a layout that resembles the Desktop. It also offers much more. First, you should set up your profile. Click on Your Name in the top right corner to edit your information. 

Next, note that anything you add to your Library on the Web interface will sync to your Desktop and vice versa. Syncing happens automatically, but you can click the Sync button in Desktop at anytime.

Sync button highlighted in screenshot of Mendeley Desktop toolbar

Anytime you are updating citations details in Mendeley Web or Desktop and also editing a Word Document, you can click Refresh in the References ribbon in MS Word to synchronize the changes. See the Creating Bibliographies page for more.


Mendeley Web Tabs

Top level navigation bar in Mendeley showing tabs and labels

  • Feed includes news updates from your network and groups. 
  • Library syncs with your library in Mendeley Desktop.
  • Suggest is updated with citations to papers you might be interested in, related to what's in your library. You can save new article citations to your Library directly from this page.
  • Groups allows you to view and create groups for project and research collaboration with colleagues. It also allows you to search for groups by discipline that you might like to join.
  • Datasets is a repository and index where you can create, share, and find research data
  • Careers allows you to get job alerts and share your CV
  • Funding helps you locate grants and other funding opportunities
  • Search allows you to find citations to Papers, search People (expand your network), and search Groups
  • Notifications alert you to updates in your network
  • Your Name/Profile includes an Impact tab that tracks how many times your publications have been viewed and cited. It also pulls in altmetrics from the web, such as mentions on news websites. There's also an OverviewPublications, and Network tab in your profile. Click this link to learn how to add your publications to your profile.

Install and Use the Web Importer

The Mendeley Web Importer is installed in your browser toolbar to easily save citations that you find online. Click the link below for more information.

YouTube Videos on Installing the Web Importer for various browsers:

How it works:

The Web Importer gathers citation information from your open tab or window and imports it directly to your Mendeley library.

Screen shot of Mendeley Web Importer in Chrome Browser

Using the Mendeley Web Importer (video tutorial)

For more on how the Web Importer works, check out the video below.

Mendeley Mobile

Noun Project icon "smartphone with apps"Mendeley has an official mobile app. Download it from the links below to your device.

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