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The Economics Research Guide is a selected list of resources for starting research in economics. These resources can help you identify a topic for your reseach.

Using EconLit

American Economic Association Classification System

The American Economic Association Classification system is also known as the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Classification.  The JEL Classification Codes are used for EconLit subject descriptors. Using these codes is helpful in searching for articles on a specific topic in EconLit.

The JEL Classification covers these broad areas of economics:

A - General Economics and Teaching
B - History of Economic Thought, Methodology, and Heterodox Approaches
C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
D - Microeconomics
E - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
F - International Economics
G - Financial Economics
H - Public Economics
I - Health, Education, and Welfare
J - Labor and Demographic Economics
K - Law and Economics
L - Industrial Organization
M - Business Administration and Business Economics • Marketing • Accounting
N - Economic History
O - Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
P - Economic Systems
Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics • Environmental and Ecological Economics
R - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics
Y - Miscellaneous Categories
Z - Other Special Topics