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Transgender Studies & Cisgender Privilege

A beginner's guide to researching transgender issues and cisgender privilege using resources in the UO Libraries and elsewhere

Videos and Media for Learning About Transgender Experiences and Cisgender Privilege

What does "cisgender" mean?  What is transphobia?  What struggles do transgender people face that are not apparent to non-transgender people?  What does it mean to be an ally?  The following videos can help you get started in answering these questions and more:

"Cisgender" -- What does it mean?

Experiencing Cis/Male Privilege as a Transman:

5 Tips for Being an Ally:

Cisgender Privileges

Videos in the UO Libraries Collection

The following videos in the UO Libraries collections address transgender identities and experiences.

Online (streaming) videos:

Documentaries on DVD:

Feature films on DVD: