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Transgender Studies & Cisgender Privilege

A beginner's guide to researching transgender issues and cisgender privilege using resources in the UO Libraries and elsewhere

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Finding Articles about Cisgender Privilege in Journals & Databases

The following articles available through the UO Libraries address cisgender privilege through various disciplinary lenses.  Be sure to log in with your DuckID in order to view or download full-text electronic articles.

Garvey, Jason C. and Susan R. Rankin. “The Influence of Campus Experiences on the Level of Outness Among Trans-Spectrum and Queer-Spectrum Students.” Journal of Homosexuality 62:3 (2015): 373-393.

Henning, Carlos Eduardo. “Is Old Age Always Already Heterosexual (and Cisgender)? The LGBT Gerontology and the Formation of the ‘LGBT Elders.’” Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology 13, no. 1 (2016): 132-154.

Johnson, Julia R. Cisgender Privilege, Intersectionality, and the Criminalization of CeCe McDonald: Why Intercultural Communication Needs Transgender Studies.” Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 6 (May 2013): 135-144.

Sumerau, J.E., Ryan T. Cragun, and Lain A.B. Mathers. Contemporary Religion and the Cisgendering of Reality.” Social Currents 3, no. 3 (2016): 293-311.

Westbrook, Laurel, and Aliya Saperstein. New Categories Are Not Enough: Rethinking the Measurement of Sex and Gender in Social Surveys. Gender & Society 29 (August 2015): 534-560.

Below are some of the journals and databases in the UO Libraries collection that can help you find articles about cisgender privilege and transgender studies.  Some of these provide full-text access to articles, while others provide only citation information and abstracts (summaries); you can use InterLibrary Loan (ILL) to request copies of articles that UO does not have. 



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