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Scholarly Metrics & Impact

Tools for determining the scholarly impact of researchers, journals, and research articles.

Researcher / P.I. Metrics

ORCID ID – A unique identifier for tracking a particular researcher and that researcher publication output

                 How to use ORCID Guide


Citation Reports – Part of the Web-of-Science /Web-of-Knowledge suite of databases by Thomson-Reuters.  This tool will allow users to track the publications by a researcher and will provide the years, citations received (by year and by article).  The Citation Index also graphs these data on the fly.

H-Index – (Based on Web-of-Science Data) and index of that combines both the number of citations a research has received and the number of publications that the researcher has published.


Altmetrics Tools – By  Suite of tools (ReaderMeter, ScienceCard, ImpactStory, PLoS Explorer, PaperCritic & CrowdMeter)