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International Open Access Week 2022

International Open Access Week 2022

Celebrate International Open Access Week with UO Libraries! The theme for this year’s International Open Access Week, October 24-30, is "Open for Climate Justice"

Graphic: Open Access Weed 2022

Image: Open Access Week 2022, "Open for Climate Justice"

Join us locally by engaging with these UO Libraries opportunities all week:


Panel Talk via the UO Libraries (Online) for International Open Access Week 2022



Open for Climate Justice: A Panel with the Just Futures Institute



Thursday, October 27



1-2 pm PT



Join the Pacific Northwest Just Futures Institute for Racial and Climate Justice and UO Libraries to learn about the design, theory, and creation of multimedia public scholarship projects.

Representatives from the AfroIndigenous Healers, Stories of Fire: A Climate Justice Atlas, and the Atlas of Essential Work projects will discuss how their work is embedded within the concept of climate justice and reaching local, regional, national, and international communities.



There are also thousands of talks and events internationally, Monday-Friday this week, for you to explore. To find more, see the events listings at

On-Demand Talks

On Demand OA Talks & Activities

If you aren't finding any live events that match up with your schedule this week, we encourage you to explore these pre-recorded talks and online activities:


Open Climate Campaign



Streaming on Youtube, 43 minutes



Creative Commons, Open Climate Campaign. Climate change, and the resulting harm to our global biodiversity, is one of the world's most pressing challenges. The complexity of the climate crisis requires global, national, and local actions informed by multidisciplinary research and educational resources. Creative Commons, SPARC and EIFL are launching a 4-year global Open Climate Campaign to address this challenge.

The goal of this multi-year campaign is to promote open access to research and OER to accelerate progress towards solving the climate crisis and preserving global biodiversity. If we are going to solve these global challenges, the knowledge (research, data, educational resources, software, hardware) about them must be open.





Hope Behind the Paywall: How Unlocking Climate Science Can Lead us to Mitigations and Solutions



Streaming on Youtube, 58 minutes



Creative Commons, Open Climate Campaign. 





Open Access Monographs for Teaching and Research: Equity & Diversity Beyond Book Processing Charges



Streaming on Youtube, 9 minutes



Lancaster University. As international funders make welcome moves towards OA publishing models, it is crucial to ensure the benefits and opportunities remain equitable, communal and accessible to the broad academic community. The Open Book Collective is currently registering as UK charity with the aim to address these issues and our online platform is scheduled to launch in summer 2022. This talk will describe our work and its importance in the current OA landscape.




Open for Climate Justice: The Game



University of Colorado Boulder Libraries and Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship. This choose-your-own-adventure challenge asks you to consider how you as an academic researcher would balance sharing knowledge and tackling the climate crisis against the current academic landscape.




"Why Open Research?" Interactive



Shuttleworth Foundation, Erin McKiernan & John McKiernan

This project was born out of our passion for opening up research, making it assessible and reusable by all. We view access to information as a human right and think it should be treated as such. And we believe it will take students and researchers at all levels of academia to bring about culture change. By sharing our work, we can stimulate learning, innovation, and discovery.

Many researchers support the idea of increasing access to research, but worry about the implications for their career of sharing their work. We built this site primarily for researchers, to educate them about all the different ways they can be open and how sharing can be beneficial for their careers. We also aim to provide information and resources for those working in open advocacy. All resources herein all openly licensed and their reuse in encouraged.