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LGBTQIA+ Legal Research Guide

This guide focuses on resources that primarily deal with laws in the areas gender identity and sexual orientation.

Getting started

Resources in this guide are focused on LGBTQIA+ legal issues. Researchers should begin by looking at articles and book sections since these sources will usually provide citations to important statutes, cases and regulations. If you are looking for a paper topic, consider looking at current awareness blogs, organizations' websites and browsing topical law journals' table of contents for ideas. 


  • LGBTQIA+ law is not an easily confined legal subject like property or contract law. Instead, laws in the areas of gender identity and sexual orientation can span many subject areas, including: family and estate law, employment law, health law, tax law, and immigration law. Researchers might consider looking at materials that focus on those legal subjects and seeing if there is a chapter or section that discusses LGBTQIA+ issues.

  • When searching, researchers should be aware that a document (especially an older document) might use a different, possibly offensive, term to describe a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Natural language searching should include synonyms; however, terms and connector searching will not.

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