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Libraries' Award for Undergraduate Research Excellence


Essay describes why the medium (i.e., research paper, video, score, scientific experiment) was used for the project.
Essay discusses how the research idea was developed.
Essay discusses how specific research tools were identified for use.
Essay discusses which research tools were used for the project.
Essay describes the use of library tools and/or interactions with library staff.
Essay discusses how draft(s) were developed and edited.
Essay discusses problems the student faced doing the research.
Essay discusses how problems faced by the student were solved.
Essay describes the use of qualitative and/or quantitative tools (if appropriate) and how they were identified and used.
Essay describes how copyrighted information was evaluated and whether figures and/or images from other sources were used.
Essay discusses use of outside sources (materials from other libraries, museums, collections, interviews, and/or other places) and how they were used.
Essay is grammatically correct.


Scoring for each category above (Total possible points = 24)

2 - Exemplary 1 - Competent 0 - Developing
Project is properly cited, with citations properly used and integrated throughout.
References are authoritative as appropriate.
References are relevant to the project.
References are of a time period relevant for the topic.
References use DOIs and appropriate citation practices for the discipline.
Project uses a specific citation style format consistently.
References are free of apparent errors in style.


Scoring for each category (Total possible points = 14)

2 - Exemplary 1 - Competent 0 - Developing