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Language Learning Resources

This guide highlights a variety of tools to help with language studies.

This page gives an overview of library resources available for various languages taught at the University of Oregon. There are materials available both physically in the library and online.

UO LibrarySearch - Find articles, books, and more

LibrarySearch offers a streamlined interface for finding books and other media that combines the collections of UO Libraries and Summit libraries.

UO logo with "LibrarySearch" catalog name


This box contains various tabs labelled by the names of several languages in English. If you encounter accessibility issues, please contact


UO Libraries has world languages textbooks, often used in high school or college-level language courses. You can use LibrarySearch, the library's catalog, to find a textbook for the language you're interested in. The best way to do this is using Subject Headings to search through the catalog.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose 'Subject' from the first dropdown menu
  2. Type the language in Library of Congress Subject Heading format. For example, "[insert language] language" and then add a space, two hypens, a space and another LCSH: " -- Textbooks for foreign speakers" as shown below. This is
  3. Choose 'UO Libraries' from the final dropdown menu options
  4. Click 'Search'

A screen capture of the LibrarySearch search box on showing the Subject search option selected as well as the UO Libraries location selected. The text of the search string is: Portuguese language -- Textbooks for foreign speakers

Non-English Materials for Adults

UO Libraries LibrarySearch

LibrarySearch is the UO Libraries' catalog. When looking for print-based materials or e-books, it may be helpful to use the Subject search option. Here are a list of useful Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings found on language learning materials:

Tip: Combine these LCSH (LC Subject Headings) with other search terms to locate language learning resources! For example, Subject (exact phrase): French language AND keyword: grammar. Or, Subject (exact phrase): Russian language AND Subject: Dictionaries.

A screen capture of LibrarySearch's advanced search menu displaying a search for: Subject: French language AND Any field (keyword): grammar

Links to Language Resources in LibrarySearch

After clicking on one of these links, you can further narrow your search by Location, Resource Type, and other filters on the left-hand menu.

Searching for Streaming Film or Video in a Language

  1. Start with a keyword search for the language you want (use the basic search box or search 'Any field'). For example, German is used as a keyword in the screen capture below.
  2. Limit to specific formats using 'Resource Type' and click "Apply Filters" on the left-hand column. For example, "Streaming Video" is one of the options selected in the screen capture below.
  3. Limit to your language using the 'Language' filter on the left-hand column.
  4. Click "Remember all filters" if you want to keep your settings while doing multiple searches.

A screen capture showing a search for keyword (Any field): German and filters applied, including Resource type: DVD videos, Streaming Video, Videocassettes, and Blu-ray videos