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Food, Farming & Sustainability Research Guide

This guide is for students in Food, Farming & Sustainability.


This guide is for students studying Food, Farming & Sustainability.  It explains how to research topics in the area of food, agricultural and environmental law.  It specifically focuses on finding secondary sources (books, articles, reports, etc.), researching organizations, and locating administrative agency materials. It also briefly covers some areas of focus, including: farmworker rights, food sovereignty, environmental justice and pesticide regulation.

To find a topic for a paper, I recommend looking at blogs, scanning the table of contents of recent issues of journals, and/or browsing food-related encyclopedias.


For more blogs, see this list that is curated by the American Agricultural Law Association. 

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Other Research guides

To find a research guide on your topic, search for your topic and the phrase research guide (ex. climate change law research guide).  Focus on the guides produced by educational institutions.