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Measure History

The Measure History lists the date and legislative actions taken for each bill.  It is used to determine which committees were assigned the bill and when the committees held hearings and work sessions.  Researchers can also use it to determine when the bill was discussed on the assembly floor.

Finding the Measure History

To find the Measure History for recent legislation (2007-present), go to the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS).

The homepage is set to the current legislative session.  To find your bill information (including the measure history), first select the Session icon (green box), and select the correct year.  Then select the Bills icon (red box) and enter the bill number or use the dropdown menus.

On the bill information page, the Measure History is located below Overview. It is a chronological account of the bill's activity as it goes through the legislative process. It also includes information such as documents from public hearings and work sessions, links to audio of committee meetings, and committee and chamber votes.

Using the Measure History to Find Committee Recordings

Scroll down to the measure history for HB 2482 from the 2017 Regular Session. There you will see dates followed by a brief description of the activity. The light blue text indicates a link to additional information. In this example, select the 2-10 Public Hearing link.

Measure History

The House Committee on Transportation Policy held a public hearing on HB 2482 on 2/10/2017. Here you will find materials submitted to the committee including written testimony, presentation slides, and an article. Select the document icon on the left to access the materials.

Meeting Materials

Below the materials, you will see the heading Meetings. In this example, scroll down and you will see the date and time of the meeting and a list of bills. Select the play button next to the date and time.

Play button

In this example, a video of the committee hearing plays. An index below allows you to jump to when the bill is discussed. The pages on the right link to the recording log of the meeting.

Video of committee hearing


Videos for legislative meetings are only available for recent sessions. Audio only recordings are available from January 2007 to July 2014. Audio logs and recordings from 1991-2014 may be available through the State Archives.