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GLBL 280: Global Environmental Issues & Alternatives

A selected list of resources to get you started with international studies topics related to global environmental issues.

What are these resources good for?

  • Books: Background information and discussion of the topic from a variety of angles
  • Government publications: Information from the country's government -- these would be considered PRIMARY SOURCES, but you need to take this information with a grain of salt.
  • Online documents: Find non-traditional materials such as white papers, conference proceedings, etc.

Books, Government Publications, and Online Documents

Individual Governments & Government Agencies

United States:

Other countries:

See also: "Finding Government Information via Google", below

IGO and International Sites

Finding Government Information via Google

Find Government Websites & Publications using Google

One way is to use Google Advanced Search

Enter your topic's keywords and then, in the Search by Site or Domain box, type: your country's country domain extension

However, you may also need to find the government domain extension, if there is one.

  • For Francophone countries that is".gouv", e.g. for Senegal
  • For Spanish-speaking countries it's ".gob", e.g. for El Salvador
  • For English-speaking countries, or where English is one of the official languages, or for English-language pages from countries with non-Roman alphabets, try ".gov", e.g. for Viet Nam
  • In the Language box, pull down the menu and select English
    • Some documents will only be in the language of that country, and thus must be searched for in that language.

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