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Using Google Scholar & UO Libraries' Resources

Google Scholar can be easily configured to show you which of the search results are available from the UO Libraries. Once you've configured your browser with the steps below, just look for the UO FindText link.

Step 2: Locate Library Resources

Once you have saved your settings for the UO Libraries, when you search in Google Scholar, it will offer options for finding many of the items in your result list.

Option 1:

Google Scholar has a high degree of confidence that the item is available from the UO Libraries.  Information about the library's holdings for electronic journals are exported to Google Scholar once a week.   For these items, Google Scholar offers a link to UO FindText to the right of the item.

Google Scholar - UO FindText link

The UO FindText link opens in UO LibrarySearch to offer you the availability options for this item. 


Option 2:

If the UO FindText link does not display to the right of the item, use the More link under the item. 

Google Scholar - More link


The More link may also offer a UO FindText link.  Using the UO FindText link found here queries UO LibrarySearch to see if the item is available electronically or in print.   If the library cannot provide the item from our collection, you will see a link for Interlibrary Loan that allows you to request the item from another library.

Google Scholar - UO FindText


Option 3:

For some items, frequently books, Google Scholar may offer a link for "Library Search".   This is a different service than the library's LibrarySearch system.  The "Library Search" link takes you to a free version of the WorldCat database to look for the item.   WorldCat will show you whether the item is located in a library close to you.

Google Scholar - Library Search link

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