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Using Google Scholar & UO Libraries' Resources

Google Scholar can be easily configured to show you which of the search results are available from the UO Libraries. Once you've configured your browser with the steps below, just look for the UO FindText link.

Step 1: Configure Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows users to affiliate with a university.   Creating this affiliation allows people searching in Google Scholar to easily obtain the full text of articles and other electronic materials licensed by the university, generally by the university library.   Once you have configured Google Scholar for affiliation with the University of Oregon, Google Scholar offers a link in the results list to UO FindText for items that can be accessed via the UO Libraries. Off-campus access to these items is limited to current UO students, faculty, and staff.   You will only need to select the UO library link in the Google Scholar settings once for each computer that you use. 

1.  Start at the Google Scholar homepage, click on the menu icon in the upper left and select "Settings"


2.  When you are on the Scholar Settings page, click on the "Library links" in the left menu.

Google Scholar - Library Links


3.  Type University of Oregon into the search box.  Check the box next to University of Oregon - UO FindText and University of Oregon - Eugene - Proquest Fulltext. 


4. Next search for WorldCat.  Check the box Open WorldCat - LibrarySearch to help you locate many items in the library's collection.


5.  Save your settings.

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