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  • Contemporary Authors 
  • Contemporary Authors is a large, multi-volume set located in KNIGHT REFERENCE. Use the cumulative index at the end of the set to learn who is included. To view the full online records for this title, click on the call number Z1224.C592. Since 1995 there is an online version. Click here to connect.
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook (DLB) published by Gale Research Company. This is a large set. Several volumes of the DLB cover German literature. These volumes are located in the PT section of KNIGHT REFERENCE. They are particularly strong in 19th- and 20th-century fiction writers. The following volumes deal with German literature. Click on the call number to view the full online record.
    Volume 56 covers German fiction writers from 1914 to 1945. PT772.G39 1987
    Volume 66 covers German fiction writers from 1885 to 1913. PT771.G47 1988
    Volume 69 covers contemporary German fiction writers. PT772.C59 1988
    Volume 75 covers more contemporary German fiction writers. PT772.C593 1988
    Volume 81 covers Austrian fiction writers from 1875 to 1913. PT3814.A97 1989
    Volume 85 covers Austrian fiction writers after 1914. PT3814.A98 1989
    Volume 90 covers German writers in the age of Goethe, 1789-1832. PT311.G47 1989
    Volume 94 covers German writers from Sturm und Drang to classicism. PT311.G48 1990
    Volume 97 covers German writers from the Enlightenment to Sturm und Drang, from 1720 to 1764. PT293.G47 1990
    Volume 118 covers Twentieth-century German dramatists from 1889 to 1918. PT666.T86 1992
    Volume 124 covers Twentieth-century German dramatists from 1919-1992. PT666.T87 1992
    Volume 129 covers Nineteenth-century German writers from 1841 to 1900. PT341.N56 1993
  • Women Writers of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland : an annotated bio-bibliographical guide

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