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The University of Oregon Library System has a variety of German language dictionaries available, both English-German/German-English as well as German/German. The following are titles selected from the collection. Browse the shelves in the same call number range to find other titles, or do a subject search in the UO Libraries LibrarySearch for German language - Dictionaries - English to retrieve German-English/English-dictionaries, or for German language dictionaries, search the subject German language - Dictionaries. Dictionaries on specialized vocabulary are also available.

German-English/English German dictionaries:

  • The Oxford Duden German Dictionary : German-English, English-German
    Edited by the Dudenredaktion and the German Section of the Oxford University Press Dictionary Department (Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1997). This is a standard, precise, beginning and intermediate college-level dictionary.
  • LEO dictionary. German-English
    A online, computer file by Achim Jung and Peter Kai Wimmer. Published by LEO (Link Everything Online).This online dictionary contains over 180,000 entries and can be searched in either Englishor German. To connect, click on LEO German/English Dictionary.
  • The Technische Universität Chemnitz hosts a very good online German/English-English/German dictionary with lots of examples and idioms. 
  • Harrap's Standard German and English Dictionary
    Edited by Trevor Jones. This dictionary was begun in 1963. Only three of the proposed four volumes were published before the editor's death in 1985. It is questionable whether the fourth and last volume will be published. Nonetheless it is the standard German-English dictionary even in its incomplete form. It includes both Austrian and Swiss words not found in standard German dictionaries, as well as terminology from the United States and Canada. It also lists both colloquiallisms and archaic usages.
  • Cambridge-Eichborn German dictionary: Business and Business Law, Economics, Administration
    By Reinhart von Eichborn. This dictionary is one of the basic German-English/English-German dictionaries devoted to business and business-related vocabulary.

German/German Dictionaries:

  • Brockhaus-Wahrig deutsches Wörterbuch
    Edited by Gerhard Wahrig, Hildegard Kramer, HaraldZimmermann. Wiesbaden : F. A. Brockhaus ; Stuttgart : Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt,1980-1984. This is a basic resource dictionary for the study of German language and literature. The six volumes include standard written and spoken German, principal dialects, some colloquial expressions and jargon, representative first names, foreign words, and neologisms.
  • Duden, das grosse Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in zehn Bänden
    This Duden dictionary in eight volumes is a wordlist of over 200,000 terms. It is comprehensive in that it gives pronunciation, pronunciation variations, contemporary and historical meanings, etymological roots, and includes slang expressions and their origins. In addition this set is excellent reference source for students of German because of the numerous examples of usage.


  • Reference Grammar of the German Language
    This authorative grammar of the German language is based on Grammatik der deutschen Sprache by Dora Schulz and Heinz Griesbach which is one of the most basic and standard German grammars. Because Reference Grammar of the German Language is in English, it is one of the best comprehensive grammars for intermediate and advanced students of German.
  • A Student Grammar of German A Student Grammar of German is an invaluable reference guide for undergraduates and other intermediate and advanced students. Written with the needs of the learner very much in mind, it sets out the grammar of the language in a clear and jargon-free way.
  • Grammatik der deutschen Sprache.
    This grammar published in three volumes is one of the definitive grammars of the German language. Though possibly daunting for the beginning student, it is a must for the more advanced student.
  • There are a number of other good grammars, some more extensive than others, some in English, some in German (or other languages). To view a list of German grammars, search by subject German language--Grammar.