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PPPM 657 Research Methods Equity Analysis Resources

Locating Resources in UO, Online, and elsewhere to draft an Equity Analysis Report for a city or county to inform land use and transportation planning

City, County, and Regional Planning Documents

Recent planning and zoning documents are usually published electronically.  They can be found by searching the county or city government's, or regional planning agency's website.  In this case Google (or your search engine of choice) is your friend for locating the government website.  For example, I used Google to locate the City of Eugene's Government website () If I use the search box on the front page of their site to search on the word "planning," My second result is "City Master Plans and Documents" that links to a page where I can access all the current plans. A similar search on 'zoning" leads to web pages about zoning codes, zoning maps, etc. Each government agency's web site will be unique and may require some searching to find the documents.  Also, the larger the government entity and the more prosperous the tax base, influences the amount of information that will be available online.

Older versions of planning documents may be found in the University of Oregon Libraries' Scholars Bank which is a freely available, searchable online digital repository maintained by the Libraries.  The Local and Regional Document Archive contains thousands of scanned city, county, and regional Oregon documents. Most of these documents were produced in the 1970s or later.

Some older print land use and zoning plans for city, county and regional planning agencies have been collected by UO Libraries.  You can use  LibrarySearch (I recommend the advanced search option) to see what is available to you. I recommend you begin your search by using the county or city you are interested in as appearing in the subject and the word zoning anywhere to find zoning documents.  Likewise, the word "planning" or "plan*) will help find planning documents.