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Antiracist and Inclusion-Building Resources

Readings and media for the Senate Antiracism Academy

Special Thanks

It took cross-campus collaboration to build this collection! The Senate Antiracist Academy would like to heartily thank the Division of Equity and Inclusion, especially Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President of Equity and Inclusion for contributing the bulk of these sources, and Dr. Charlotte Moats-Gallagher, Assistant Vice President of Equity and Inclusion and CoDaC Director for extensive consultation. We would like to heartily thank the Teaching Engagement Program team for their contributions regarding "Teaching Inclusion" and their generous team consultations, as well as the Writing Composition Program's Inclusive Pedagogy Research Interest Group for inspiring the "Equitable Grading Strategies" section. Abundant thanks are also due to Professor Betsy Wheeler, Director of the English Department's Disability Studies Minor, Dr. Veronica Vold, Open Education Instructional Designer for Open Oregon, and Open Oregon for the "Opening Up Education" resources. We are grateful for Librarian Kristin Buxton's ongoing support in assembling and maintaining this library research page, as well as for Librarian Rayne Vieger's suggestions for further research and careful guidance in ensuring our program's fair use of resources. This collection would not be possible without these many helping hands, open minds, and warm hearts!