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Finding Theses and Dissertations

A guide to help you find theses and dissertations from the University of Oregon and elsewhere.

Finding Non-UO Theses and Dissertations

This page includes resources that will help you find access to theses and dissertations from other universities.

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Electronic Access

These databases offer full-text, online access to theses and dissertations from other universities, both in the United States and abroad:

Many universities now host electronic copies of their own theses and dissertations in their institutional repository. If you are looking for a specific thesis or dissertation, it is often worth checking that university's repository to see if it is publicly available online. You can usually locate these types of databases by searching "institutional repository" and the university's name in Google.

If you are not looking for any specific thesis or dissertation, or you are not sure which university hosts what you need, this database offers citation information for theses and dissertations, but does not offer full-text access:

You can often use the information you find here to locate access elsewhere, either online or through interlibrary loan.

Physical Access

If there is a particular thesis or dissertation you are trying to access but cannot locate online, you can request a print copy of the dissertation through interlibrary loan. Learn more on this page: