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Robin Jaqua Archetypal Library

The Robin Jaqua Archetypal Library is a non-circulating collection of more than 2,000 books, instructional videos and tapes, and journals related to Jungian studies, archetypal symbolism, and mythology. The collection covers publication dates ranging from 1887 to 2010 and is primarily focused on works related to the theories of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961), who is considered the founder of analytical and archetypal psychology. While these materials cannot be checked out, any resident of the state of Oregon (16 and older) can check out other UO Libraries materials through the Oregon Card program.



Material in the Robin Jaqua Archetypal Library does not circulate, but if there is something you need, we can provide in-library use access at the Knight Library. Alternatively, we also accept appointments to browse the physical collection. In either case, please contact UO Libraries Access Services at and let us know what you need. We will respond within one business day.



If you have an appointment to browse the Robin Jaqua Archetypal Library, it can be found on the second floor of the HEDCO building in room 240, which is inside the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services suite.