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Downloading Elevation Lidar data from DOGAMI

Lidar data for the state of Oregon has been (and continues to be) collected by the Oregon Lidar Consortium. The processed data is available from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) at the web site links below.

Opening (unzipping) downloaded files

Data downloaded from the DOGAMI Lidar Viewer will be compressed in .zip file format. To use the contents of the .zip folder, you must extract the zipped folder contents to a new folder.

To extract from a .zip folder on a Windows computer, in File Explorer navigate to the folder where the .zip folder is located, right-click the folder and from the pop-up menu select Extract All... You will need to choose the directory on your computer to which the resulting folder will be saved to.

To extract from a .zip folder on a Macintosh computer, simply double-clicking the zipped folder should automatically decompress the zipped folder using the Archive Utility and create a new folder in the same directory where the zipped folder is located.

University of Oregon computers should be able to unzip folders using the methods described above. However, if you are using a personal computer or other non-UO computer, you might not be able to unzip folders using the methods described above. In that case you will need to download and install 7-Zip or an equivalent free software onto your computer that will allow you to perform unzipping folders.

File types in DOGAMI Lidar download

After unzipping the .zip folder containing the DOGAMI lidar data and navigating into the contents of the extracted file, you should see a series of folders with names like Bare_Earth and Highest_Hit. These are the raster grid and info file types you most likely will want to use. A README text file should also be available to inform you of the contents of the available folders. For more information about the provided data, see the Available layers section on the DOGAMI Lidar Viewer Tips & Tools webpage (link in the Downloading Elevation Lidar data from DOGAMI box above).

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