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If you've never created an ORCiD ID, click on the single sign-on link, and choose University of Oregon. Follow theorcid id logo steps to create an ID after logging in.


If you previously created an ORCiD account and ID, you will be prompted to link your account to the University of Oregon. Enter the email and password you used to create the account to link it to the University of Oregon.

Linking Your ORCID

Many publishers use ORCiD, reducing the need to keep track of multiple identifiers for different platforms. Your ORCiD can connect with other scholarly ID systems, such as Web of Science and Scopus. Some funders and publishers will require you to have an ORCiD to submit.

You determine the visibility setting for your own ORCiD record data; you control who views your ORCiD information. You determine a list of trusted parties that you can authorize to connect to your ORCID record. Connections and permissions require explicit action on your part. Examples of trusted parties include universities, research organizations, funders, publishers and individuals. 

The NIH is now requiring ORCID research identifiers for all grant applications; you can also use your research profile to easily fill out its SciENcv biosketch requirements. Learn how to Link Your ORCID to SciENcv and Link Your ORCID to MY NCBI Bibliography.