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Oregon Estuarine Invertebrates: Rudys' Illustrated Guide to Common Species (Third Edition)

An open-access resource created by Jerry and Lynn Rudy. The third edition is edited by Terra C. Hiebert, Barbara A. Butler and Alan L. Shanks.

How to use this guide

Navigation links on the left show an A-Z list of species included in this guide, as well as tabs for each phylum.  Phylum page contains an alphabetical listing (by genus) of all species descriptions contained within this guide and also show the same links a second time sorted by order and again by family, again in alphabetical order by genus.  If you are unsure to which phylum a species belongs, or want to know if it is contained in this guide you can consult the "A-Z list of species" page.  All species profiles (except those followed by *)  in this guide were updated in 2016.

The complete third edition of this guide is also available.

Editors, 3rd edition:  Terra C. Hiebert, Barbara A. Butler and Alan L. Shanks

To submit corrections, questions or request to become editor of a species profile please email:

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