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A guide to library resources for oboe players.

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Library of Congress Call Numbers for Oboe Music

These are some of the call numbers for locating music for oboe (and members of the oboe family) in the UO Music Collection.  Using these, you can browse for performance repertoire, histories, and method books on the physical shelves, or browse by Library of Congress call numbers in LibrarySearch.

  • Unaccompanied Works
    • M65-M69: Music for solo oboe
    • M67: Music for solo oboe d'amore
    • M110.E5B: Music for solo English horn
    • M110.M87: Music for solo musette
  • Solo Works with Piano Accompaniment
    • M 245-246: Music for oboe and piano
    • M270.E5, M271.E5: Music for English horn and piano
    • M270.O24, M271.O24: Music for oboe da caccia and piano
    • M270.O26, M271.O26: Music for oboe d'amore and piano
  • Chamber Works
    • M288-289: Woodwind duets
    • M357.2: Woodwind Trios
    • M457.2: Woodwind Quartets
  • Large Ensemble Works
    • M1022-M1023: Oboe solo with orchestra
    • M1034.E5-M1035.E5: English horn solo with orchestra
    • M1034.O26-M1035.O26: Oboe d'amore solo with orchestra
  • Instruction, Study, and History (Books)
    • ML940:  History of the oboe
    • ML941:  Oboe construction and repair, reed-making
    • ML942:  Oboe repertoire and pedagogy
  • Studies and Exercises (Teaching pieces and excerpts)
    • MT360-MT365: Methods books for oboe
    • MT366: Orchestral excerpts for oboe
    • MT376: Method books for English horn
    • MT379.S42: Method books for shawm

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Oboe Music

You can also search for oboe repertoire by using Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Below are some of the common LC subject heading phrases for oboe-related repertoire-- select the subject dropdown label when searching one of these phrases in LibrarySearch.

To find method books, instruction books, and orchestral excerpts for auditions, try these subject terms:

Oboe- Methods
Oboe- Orchestral excerpts
Oboe- Studies and exercises

To find music for unaccompanied solo oboe, try:

Oboe music
Sonatas (Oboe)
Suites (Oboe)
Variations (Oboe)
Canons, fugues, etc. (Oboe)
English horn music
Oboe d'amore music

To find music for solo oboe with keyboard accompaniment, try:

Oboe and piano music
Sonatas (Oboe and piano)
Suites (Oboe and piano)
Oboe and harpsichord music
Oboe and keyboard instrument music
Oboe and piano music--20th century

To find music for multiple oboes, try:

Oboe music (Oboes (2))
Woodwind Trios (Oboes (3))
Woodwind Quartets (Oboes (4))

To find music for common chamber ensembles, try:

Wind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe)
Woodwind quartets (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe)
Woodwind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, flutes (2), oboe)

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