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Music Education

A guide to library resources for music educators

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How to Browse for Resources for Music Educators

These are some of the call numbers for locating music instructional materials and music education research in the UO Music Collection.  Using these, you can browse for repertoire, histories, scholarship, and instruction or method books on the physical shelves, or browse by Library of Congress call numbers in LibrarySearch.

For current research in the field of Music Education: Browse academic journals in the ML1-ML5 call number ranges.  (Don't forget to look at the current periodicals shelf for the most recent year's worth of issues!)

For books about Music Instruction and Study: Browse call numbers starting with the letters MT.  Some commonly-sought examples follow:

  • MT1: Music--Instruction and study    
  • MT2-MT5: Music--Instruction and study--History of music education                  
  • MT20-MT32: Music--Instruction and study--Special Methods
    • such as:
    • MT22.A2-Z: Jacques Dalcroze
    • MT23: Kodaly
    • MT26: Orff   
  • MT70-MT74: Instrumentation and orchestration                                
    • MT70-MT71: Orchestra
    • MT70.5: Vocal and choral arranging
    • MT73: Band
  • MT85: Conducting
  • MT86: Jazz band, dance band, etc., instruction, including conducting, organization, and management
  • MT87: Community music
  • MT88: Administration and instruction of vocal groups
  • MT150: Audio-visual instructional guides 
  • MT155: Music theory for children   
  • MT170-MT810: Instrumental Techniques    
    • MT730: Orchestra    
    • MT733: Band 
    • MT740-MT810: Instrumental techniques for Children
  • MT820-MT949 - Singing and Voice Culture

These are some of the Library of Congress Subject Headings for locating music education scholarship and instructional materials in the UO Music Collection.  Using these, you can refine your searches in the library catalog, using the "subject" limiter.  Text in Italics (like this) indicates subject subdivisions, which can be added on to basic subject headings to narrow the geographical, chronological, or topical focus of the subject heading.