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Male Privilege

A selection of UO & Summit resources about male privilege.


1. White Male Privilege

Kaufmann, Jodi; Wamsted, John O. Qualitative Inquiry, 2015, Vol.21(1), pp.77-82

2. Reflecting on Heterosexual and Male Privilege: Interventions to Raise Awareness.

Case, Kim A. ; Hensley, Rachel ; Anderson, Amber. Journal of Social Issues, 2014, Vol.70(4), pp.722-740

3. “I’m Sure as Hell Not Putting Any Man on a Pedestal": Male Privilege and Accountability in Domestic and Sexual Violence Work.

Macomber, K. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 12/10/2015

4. Acknowledging Black Male Privilege.

Marsh, Wendell. Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, 2010/2011, Vol.17, pp.61-63

5. Characteristics of “Masculinized” Industries

Collins, Joshua C. Human Resource Development Review, 2015, Vol.14(4), pp.415-441