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Copyright and Licensing for Digital Projects

This guide supports scholars who want to learn about applying Creative Commons licenses to their creative digital works. It is also a resource to find Creative Commons licensed digital media and support for making fair use judgments.

Librarians can help!

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Hey UO Faculty!

Do your students need help understanding or applying intellectual property rights, copyright, fair use, or Creative Commons licenses? 


Questions to consider!

  • Would you like your students to learn about ethical use of digital information? 

  • Do your students tend to take whatever is available in a Google image search to reuse in a digital project?

  • Would you like your students to apply fair use evaluations to digital media used in a digital project?

  • Do your students know how to write an attribution statement so credit is given to producers of creative works?

  • Are your students not sure where to find public domain or Creative Commons licensed digital media?

  • Do you want your students to know how to copyright or license their work?

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Get Help from Digital Scholarship Services!

Librarians from the Knight Library's Digital Scholarship Services can work with you to prepare your students to intellectually and critically engage in understanding and applying intellectual property rights concepts to their digital projects.

For 1 classroom instruction visit, it will take between 70-90 minutes of class time with options for before or after class assignments and support for integrating into your final assignments and grading rubrics.

Contact the Librarians listed on this instruction guide or reach out to Digital Scholarship Services via e-mail.