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Dedoose: Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Guide to accessing and using Dedoose at the University of Oregon


The University of Oregon Libraries Data Services Department offers workshops and one-on-one consultations on using Dedoose. 


dedoose: Great Research Made Easy


Dedoose is a qualitative data analysis application designed for mixed methods research. This allows for the analysis of research data that is both qualitative, such as text, audio, images, or video, or quantitive such as spreadsheets, test scores, or demographics. You can even mix both qualitative and quantitative data in your analysis.


Getting a license as part of UO pilot program

Teaching with Dedoose

Instructors who plan to use Dedoose as part of a methods course or workshop are able to offer up to two months of free access to students who have never before used Dedoose. To give your students a second free month of access, beyond the standard promotional free month offered by Dedoose please email Data Services and we can help get your students signed up.

Data Services Department members are also available to visit your class for an introductory training session or sessions.

Workshops & Consultations


UO Libraries Data Services Department will be offering Dedoose workshops each term during the pilot program. Scheduled workshops for the term are generally published during the first week of each term; any workshops currently scheduled are listed below. You can also sign up to receive emails about upcoming events by filling out this form.


Please reach out to if you would like to schedule a custom workshop for your class or lab.


If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation on using Dedoose or have any other questions, please use the link below