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Citizen Science Tools

Tools for helping citizen scientists collect and analyze data

Citation Management Tools

Citation managers help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. Click on the links below for guidance on using these tools.

Learning Opportunities

For help learning these tools, contact an expert listed on the tool's guide or sign up for one of our workshops:

How to Use This Guide

This guide covers tools for collecting and analyzing data as a citizen scientist. However, it should be noted that several of these tools require time to becomes skilled users of the tools.


Mapping Tools

Remotely Sensed Data Tools / Satellite Imagery & Data

Statistical Analysis

Local Citizen Science Projects

Broad Based National Groups

Citizen Science Association



               Walama Restoration

               The Nature Conservancy

               iNaturalist Oregon Projects

Bee Pollinator Inventory

               Xerces Society

               Oregon Bee Project - Oregon State University

               Mt Pisgah Arboretum

               UO OSPIRG Save the Bees

Dragonfly inventory


Freshwater Mussels

               Freshwater Mussel Working Group

Winter bird count

               Lane County Audubon

Spring Breeding Bird Count


Butterfly inventory 

              North American Butterfly Association NABA

             WALAMA - For Monarchs

Amphibian Call Inventory

              PDX Metro

              Fungi Survey

             Cascade Mycological Society

EPT - Stream Surveys

               Save our Streams

Oregon Seismology - Slinky Seismometer

               UO - Dean Livelybrooks (Bryan Rebar / Dean Walton)

Oregon Air Quality Monitoring

               UO - (Bryan Rebar / Dean Walton /Oregon Science Teachers Association)

Marine debris monitoring

               NOAA / Oregon State University

Whale Watch

               American Cetacean Society

Marbled Murrelet Inventory

               Wetlands Conservancy

Lichen Surveys

               Northwest Lichenologists

Vernal Pools


Cosmic Ray Network - phone app.


CSA Players

Nattion/International Citizen Science Projects

Science Library Help

Chat Email Phone


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