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Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series

This how-to guide is meant to support anyone interested in setting up and maintaining their Omeka Classic website using Reclaim Hosting. It is ancillary resource for the "Owning Your Omeka" Workshop Series developed by Kate Thornhill and Franny Gaede

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Definitions, FAQs, How-tos, and Documentation


Computer logoWhat is Reclaim Hosting?

Reclaim Hosting is a website hosting platform that allows anyone to purchase web server space to host web applications like Omeka, Wordpress, Scalar, Mukurtu, Grav, and a whole bunch of other platforms to support your scholarly digital projects. The business was started with academics in mind and has robust community support for beginners to advanced users.

FAQ iconFrequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for a Reclaim Hosting account?

You can go to and sign up for a web hosting account. There are different types of plans to choose from with different cost, storage, and duration options.


Signing up for a Reclaim Hosting Account by Reclaim Hosting


Computer logoWhat is the Client Area?

It's the first page you see after you log into Reclaim Hosting. The client area is where you locate billing and hosting plan information; account password and email, access the CPanel; register, transfer, and manage domain names, access Reclaim Hosting support and the community of users like yourself who utilize the service to host their websites.

FAQ iconFrequently Asked Questions


Reclaim Your Domain Episode 2 - The Client Area by Reclaim Hosting


What is the CPanel?

CPanel is the control panel that gives you access to creating, managing and maintaining your website via Reclaim Hosting. It is an industry standard with an interface containing sections to administrate your websites and technology applications. It gives you complete control over your web hosting server space without having to use command-line tools.

CPanel interface example

Image of what the Reclaim Hosting CPanel looks like

FAQ logoFrequently Asked Questions

How do I access CPanel?

Access to CPanel is available when you log into your Reclaim Hosting account. After logging into Reclaim Hosting click on the word "CPanel" within the top navigator.

Why do I need to use CPanel?

CPanel is where you are able to control web application installation, domains, files, email, databases, metrics, security, and preferences. It is where you will be able to do a on-click installation of Omeka Classic and setup FTP access for users other than yourself.


Icon of a website What is a website domain?

A website domain, also known as a domain name, is the address you type into a web browser's address bar. It should be easy to remember and branded to your website's mission and vision. Think of it like this, if your website were a house then your domain would be the address.

A little more details about web domain names... is a domain, but it also has an address called an IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies a specific computer to communicate with other computers. It's kind of like if your website has a US social security number. IP addresses look like this... A popular way to look up a website's IP address is by searching for it using

To learn more about how web domain's work visit this helpful guide - Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

FAQ iconFrequently Asked Questions

Are domains free?

Reclaim Hosting makes the cost of your 1st domain name part of your billing amount within the first 24 hours. For example, if you select the Faculty/Professional Plan then biennially you will be charged for their services and your domain name will stay active. Check out more information about the lifecycle of domains Reclaim Hosting documentation to learn more about keeping domains active.

Can I register and pay for additional domains?

Yes, you can register additional domain names through the Client Area. Fees apply.

My domain is registered with another web hosting provider like Dream Host or GoDaddy, but I want to keep it?

Yes, check out Reclaim Hosting's documentation about how to transfer a domain name from another web hosting service.

Are domain names with .com preferred?

It's really up to you. Website's with (.com) extensions are very common and usually used for if you are not a non-profit organization (.org) or an educational institution (.edu).

How do I protect my personal information when registering a domain? 

Anyone can look up the ownership and contact information of a domain name owner by using Check out Reclaim Hosting's guides for protecting your identity (ID Protect (WHOIS Data Protection) FAQ) and Updating WHOIS? Contact Information


Computer logoWhat is a subdomain?

A subdomain is an add-on to your main domain name. For example: has the subdomain "dsc", which stands for Digital Scholarship Center. Subdomains help you navigate and organize different parts of your website.

Think of subdomains as an extension to your website's main intention and purpose. Say you want to build a collection of websites with different reasons for being that need to use because you have a number of scholarly projects to put online. Well making subdomains enables you to install different web applications, like Wordpress for a blog and Omeka for a digital exhibit. 

For example: (Wordpress) and (Omeka). Each subdomain is treated like a brand new website, but is connected to your main domain and centralize on Reclaim Hosting.

Common subdomains for scholarly websites





FAQ iconFrequently Asked Questions


Creating and Managing Subdomains on Reclaim Hosting by Reclaim Hosting


How do I give specific user accounts, like a student or project team member, access only to a subdomain via CPanel?

Currently, CPanel does not allow mutiple users with per-user access restrictions. You can learn about this more via a question asked on Reclaim Hosting community question about the topic.


Website iconWhat are FTP & FileZilla?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way to transfer files into an online storage space. It can be used to move files into Reclaim Hosting so you can install Omeka plugins and themes and upload digital files for your web application to be able to access for use.

FileZilla is a free and open source FTP client that can be used with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It allows you to have a user interface that connects to your web hosting service, e.g. Reclaim Hosting, in order to transfer files over FTP. 

Download FileZilla

Screenshot of what FileZilla looks like

Screenshot of what FileZilla looks like

FAQ logoFrequently Asked Questions


Part 1: Understanding FTP  by Reclaim Hosting

Part 2: Troubleshooting FTP  by Reclaim Hosting


Where can I find my username and password to connect to FTP?

If you go to your Reclaim Hosting email history the first e-mail Reclaim sent to you will contain your master username and password. This is what you can use to connect to Reclaim Hosting via SFTP.

Is FTP secure for me to transfer files from my computer to my web hosting service?

Yes, if you want to transfer your files over secure FTP you will be using the FTP protocol called SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). Instead of using Port 21, you should use Port 22.


Computer logoWeb Publishing & Hosting

There are web publishing options available to faculty, students, and staff who either want an easy to use with no web development experience or want to be able to fully customize a website for their classes, scholarly works, or labs.

Web Hosting Options at UO
I need... Service Available Who offers the service?
Easy to make a course, lab, scholarly or personal blog or website without support from a developer (Wordpress) UO Information Services
Simple html based academic website UO Information Services
Customizable digital exhibit, academic website, scholarly or personal blog, digital project or lab website with web development supported by myself or web developer (Omeka, Wordpress, Drupal, Grav, etc.) Reclaim Hosting, External UO third-party business made for and by academics
Testing out an idea for a digital project featuring primary sources that does not require a lot of customization or technical experience with content management systems. Corporation for Digital Scholarship, External UO third-party business made for and by academics


life preserver icon


Ways a UO Digital Scholarship Services Librarians can help you with web hosting services

  • Aid in determining what web hosting service to best for your website needs
  • Make technical recommendations
  • Provide consultations for technology troubleshooting issues
  • Aid in helping you setup a Reclaim Hosting account and using FTP


Workshop 1: Getting Started with Reclaim Hosting and FTP

The information on this part of the Owning Your Omeka Workshop Series instruction guide supports the first session of the workshop series.

Workshop participants will learn the following during this 2 hour session

  1. Judge when to use Reclaim Hosting,,, or when publishing a scholarly website due to technical and social contexts
  2. Apply resonant language and actions by setting up and using Reclaim Hosting account, FTP, and CPanel tasks on their own
  3. Identify where and how to get technical support from Reclaim Hosting by locating tech support information
  4. Know how a Digital Scholarship Librarian can support you through consultation when you are getting started with a digital project that requires Reclaim Hosting