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Natural Resources in Special Collections

This guide offers brief descriptions of relevant natural resources collections. Links are provided whenever online inventories exist.

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Teaching with Primary Source Materials

Our collections exist to be used. When students work directly with primary source materials, historic photographs, and documents that are old or unique, they discover an excitement and passion not generated by textbooks.

Primary source documents can inspire, but they also teach about learning to verify sources, tracking down connections, finding evidence from content and from physical clues.

Forest and Conservation history (including lumber companies, Forest History Foundation, and the West Coast Lumbermen's Association) in SCUA Collections

Special Collections and University Archives collects in the topical area Environmental History, including collections that document the markings left on the land by human beings, with a particular emphasis on land use and how the use of the land is played out in the political process.  In all the subcategories of this topic, collections focused primarily on Oregon and the Pacific Northwest will be considered. Records of Environmental/Conservation groups, activists, and leading conservation thinkers are sought.


1000 Friends of Oregon (UNPROCESSED)

 About 300 linear feet.

1000 Friends of Oregon is a nonprofit charitable organization, founded in 1975 by Governor Tom McCall and Henry Richmond as the citizens' voice for land use planning that protects Oregon's quality of life from the effects of growth.

Abilene & Southern Railway Company, defendant
Correspondence, testimony, exhibits and briefs.
1½ lin. ft.
West coast lumberman\'s association, complainants, v. Abilene & Southern Railway Company. Interstate commerce commission docket no 13211, 1923
Bx 153

Ames, Fred Elijah, 1880-1957.
Diaries, 1892-1919, and photographs.
24 v.
Forester; graduated from Yale Forestry School in 1906. From 1908 to 1942 he was chief of silviculture and assistant regional forester in Oregon. Diaries include his early forestry experiences.
Ax 104

Arneson, Arnold, 1885-1957.
Diaries, 1922-1931, 1941-1947.
1 lin. ft.
Official diaries of a forest ranger in the Tieton District, Wa., reporting on trail building, fire fighting, sales, inspecting, and office work.
Ax 105

Aston, Emmit.
1 folder
41 p.
Oral history interview with Emmit Aston done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Portland, Or., 1958.
CB As86

Atwater, Montgomery Meigs, 1904-1976.
Papers, 1955-1966.
3 lin. ft.
Author, forester, avalanche expert. Includes manuscripts of books and articles, files of data on snow avalanche forecasting and control.
Ax 630

Averill, Edgar F.
Papers, 1934-1939.
1 lin. ft., including about 300 letters
President of the Oregon Wildlife Federation. Papers relate to the conservation of natural resources in Oregon.
Ax 188

Baker, Fentress & Co., Chicago, Ill.
Lumber company records, 1914-1943
73 lin. ft.
Records of Pacific Northwest logging and lumber companies in which Baker, Fentress had financial interest. Files are largely correspondence relative to management. Major companies represented are: Algoma Lumber Co., Kirk, OR, 1929-1941; Carlisle Lumber Co., Onalaska, WA, 1922-1940; Coeur d\'Alene Pine Co., Coeur d\'Alene, ID, 1924-1942: Great Northern Lumber Co., Leavenworth, WA, 1914-1942. Inventory filed with collection
Bx 93

Ballin, Fred A.
Proposal, plans, and specifications for the Ballin Unit Steamer.
1 v.
Proposal for economic shipment of Pacific coast lumber to eastern ports. Ballin was represented by John Howard Haak, Portland, Or.
B 184

Barrett, Willis Chapel, 1891-1963.
Papers, 1940-1946
1 box.
Civil engineer. Papers concern author\'s service for U.S. State Department Yellow River conservancy project in China. Includes maps, reports.
Ax 115

Bartrum, Smith C., 1865-1942.
1 folder.
Forester in Oregon from 1899.
CB B286

Base Line Lumber Company, Portland, OR.
Letters sent, Feb. 21, 1907-Sept. 6, 1910.
1 v.
Company owned by the Nicolai brothers, Theodore and William.
B 11

Belsky, Joy Papers
Papers, 1931-2001 ( inclusive ); 10.5 linear feet (21 containers)
Joy Belsky (1944-2001) was a Portland range ecologist who worked on protecting public lands in the Western United States. The collection includes articles published in scientific journals, newsletters, newspaper articles, government publications, manuscripts, speeches/talks and correspondence.
Coll 332

Boehl, Victor, 1901-1965.
Papers, 1938-1960.
1 box.
Dairy farmer, conservationist, of Josephine County, OR. Includes reports and correspondence on conservation and water resources of the Rogue River Basin, OR.
Ax 543

Bruckart, John Ray, 1887-1979.
Papers, 1909-1971.
3 boxes, .75 cu. Ft.
Forester. Contains personal and general correspondence, memoirs, two Forest Service dairies, collected materials relating to forestry, and scattered issues of Forest Service alumni newsletters.
Coll. 59.

Chaney, Ralph Works, 1890- .
Papers, 1917-1966.
27 lin. ft., including about 12,000 letters.
Paleontologist, research associate, Carnegie Institution since 1922, professor of paleontology, University of California since 1931. Member U.S. National Park Service Advisory Board, and officer in Save the Redwoods League. Includes manuscripts, photographs, professional correspondence. Major correspondents are: Daniel I. Axelrod, Roland w. Brown, Frederic E.
Ax 482

Clark, Frank Jones.
Papers, 1925-1955.
1½ lin. ft.
Correspondence and documents relating to pupil guidance in high schools, and conservation of natural resources in the Pacific Northwest. Inventory filed with collection.
Ax 17

Cleator, Frederick William, 1883-1957.
Papers, 1930-1956.
2 lin. ft.
Forester and conservationist. Includes diaries (1944-1954), correspondence, speeches, documents, and slides relating to the recreational aspects of national forests in the Pacific Northwest and the establishment of the Cascade Skyline Trail.
Ax 13

Cowan, Charles S.
1 folder
55 p.
Oral history interview with Charles S. Cowan, done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Seattle, WA, 1957.
CB C838

Daggett, Junior F., 1891-1960.
Papers, 1936-1955.
9 ft. including about 6,000 letters.
Oregon lumberman; from 1937-1951general manager Alexander-Yawkey Lumber Company, Prineville, OR. Member of Oregon State Board of Forestry, Eastern Oregon lumber survey group, Western Pine Association. President, Midstate Lumber and Manufacturing Co., 1951-1955.
Ax 29

Dana, Marshall Newport, 1885- .
Papers, 1949-1962.
12 lin. ft., including about 6,000 letters.
Newspaper, publicist. Files concern organizations and causes in which author was active as officer or adviser, particularly Columbia Basin Inter-agency committee, and National Reclamation Association. Much of the file concerns conservation plans and promotion.
Ax 21

Davidson, Crowe Gir-, 1910-.
Papers, 1956-1962.
18 lin. ft.
Author, an attorney, was from 1956-1962 a member of the Democratic National Committee from Oregon. The papers relate to the business of the committee, to the Western States Democratic conference, 1958-1962, and to Region and national politics generally. Davidson was especially interested in natural resources, and was a member of the Natural Resources Committee of the Western States Democratic Conference, The Advisory Council on Natural Resources other Democratic National Committee, and the Kennedy-Johnson Campaign Conference committee on Natural Resources. Papers include correspondence with Forest Amsden, Roy Bessey, Chester Bowles, Paul Butler, Virginia Grant, Edith Green, Robert D. Holmes, John F. Kennedy, Wayne L. Morse, Richard Neuberger, Charles O. Porter, Adlai Stevenson, Harry Truman.
Coll. 162

Drake, George Lincoln.
1 folder
32 p.
Oral history interview with George Drake, done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Portland, Or., 1958.
CB D789

Ellsworth, Har-, 1899-.
Papers, 1943-1957.
5 lin. ft.
Representative, 4th district, Oregon. Correspondence and documents selected by Ellsworth, dealing with the lumber industry, Office of Price Administration, veterans\' affairs and various district projects.
Ax 33

Evarts, Hal George, Sr., 1887-1934.
Papers, 1919-1951.
2 lin. ft., including 2,900 letters.
Editor (Saturday Evening Post) and writer of western adventure stories and articles Correspondence is with agents, editors, and conservationists, especially Horace M. Albright, Will H. Dilg, Stephen T. Mather, Chauncey Thomas.
Ax 464

Folts, Merton Bryant, 1902-1967.
Papers, 1942-1961.
.5 lin. ft.
Conservationist and political conservative from Eugene, Oregon. Collection consist of correspondence, manuscripts, and various collected materials relating to issues in Folts was involved, such as the Izaak Walton League of America and the Eugene Freedom Club.
Coll. 60

Forest Grove Door and Lumbering Company, Forest Grove, Or.
1 v.
Minute book of the Board of Directors, 1892-1894.
B 26

Forest Industries Radio Communications.
4 lin. ft.
Records, 1947-1960.
Bx 64

Friends of the Three Sisters Wilderness (IN PROCESS)
Correspondence; 3.25 lin. ft., 7 boxes
Friends of the Three Sisters Wilderness- an inspiring story
In 1954 Karl and Ruth Onthank with other activists from ENHS, The Obsidians and other outdoor and conservation groups formed the Friends of the Three Sisters Wilderness (F3S), dedicated to saving the Three Sisters Primitive area of the Willamette and Deschutes national forests as wilderness areas.
Up 052

Frink, Francis
1 folder
13 p.
Oral History interview with Francis Frink, done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Seattle, Wa., 1958.
CB F916

Frye, Judge Helen Papers
16 linear ft. (12 containers)
Helen Frye was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1930. She earned her B.A. in English in 1953, her M.A. in Education in 1961, and her J.D. in 1966, all from the University of Oregon. After five years in private practice, Frye became a judge for Oregon Circuit Court's second district (Lane County). In 1980, Frye was appointed by President Carter as the first female judge for the U.S. District Court of Oregon. In 1980, Frye was appointed by President Carter as the first female judge for the U.S. District Court of Oregon. During her time as District Court judge, she presided over many important cases including a $175-million dispute over the dumping of sewage into the Tualatin River; a fight between the spotted owl protectionists and logging interests; and several cases against the Rajneesh. In 1985, Frye ruled the 3-year-old city of Rajneeshpuram invalid because of its unconstitutional church-state link.
Coll 348

Gardiner Mill Company, Gardiner, OR, 1864 –1881.
Records of the Gardiner Mill Co., Gardiner Mill store, and the A.M. Simpson and Co., Gardiner, OR, 1864-1923.
130 v., 17 boxes.
v.1-19, Journals, 1864-1881, including Gardiner Mill accounts and accounts of A.M. Simpson and Co. with Gardiner Mill store. v.20-27, Gardiner Mill store ledgers, 1866-1880. v.28-35, Gardiner Mill store accounts receivable. v.1873-1883, Gardiner Mill accounts receivable, 1876-1878. v.38, Gardiner Mill Co. ledger, 1879-1883. v.39-63, Gardiner Mill Co. store, daybook, March 3, 1876-October 17, 1884. v.64-128, Gardiner Mill Co. store, daybook and journal, December 23,1890-February, 1906. v.129-130, Gardiner Mill Co. market, blotter, 1899-1901. Gardiner Mill Co. general correspondence files, 1907-1923 in 17 file boxes.
Bx 183

Greeley, Mrs. William Buckhout, 1878-
1 folder
21 p.
Oral history interview with Mrs. William B. Greeley, done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Suquamish, Wa., 1960.
CB G819

Greeley, William Buckhout, 1879-1955.
Papers, 1909-1955.
7 lin. ft.
Graduated from the Yale School of Forestry, began his career in forestry in 1904, and was the chief forester, U.S. Forest Service, from 1920 to 1928. After that he was secretary-manager of the West Coast Lumbermen's Association. Includes diaries, 1980-1909, when Greeley was in charge of District 1 of the Forest Service, and 1917-1918, when he was commanding officer of the Forestry Section, 20th Engineers, A.E.F. Correspondence and documents, 1931-1955, concern affairs of the West Coast Lumbermen's Association.
Ax 41

Haefner, Henry E.
1 folder
161 p.
Some Reminiscences of an Early Forester, 1909 to 1925 and 1930, by Henry E. Haefner. Portland, Or., 1959. Haefner worked in the Siskiyou National Forest. Consists of short sketches of unusual men and events.
CB H118

Haefner, Henry E.
The First Ninety-Four Years, 1884-1978, by Henry E. Haefner. 1978. 93 p. Recollections from 1908-1953, including sixteen years in the Siskiyou National Forest.
CB H188a

Hanzlik, Edward John, 1886-1959.
Dairies, 1921-1934, and miscellaneous papers.
1 lin. ft.
Forester. Most of his career was spent in the Pacific Northwest in the field of forest technology. The diaries are field diaries. The file includes Xi Sigma Pi correspondence.
Ax 142

Hoedads Cooperative Inc. records
Records, 1971-1996; 118.5 linear ft., 94 containers
Cooperative Inc. was a member-owned reforestation cooperative based out of Eugene, Oregon. The collection contains the working papers, audio and visual records of the cooperative, member and co-op correspondence, original newsletters, minutes and photographs.
Coll. 322          

Horning, Walter Harold, 1892-1961.
Papers, 1937-1961.
1 ½ lin. ft., including about 600 letters.
Forester. Author and chief forester, Bureau of Land Management, advisor for legislation to control Oregon and California revested lands, proponent of Mt. Olympus National Park and Department of Conservation.
Ax 189

Hoyt, Vance Joseph, 1889- .
Papers, 1913-1963.
4 lin. ft.
Author, naturalist. Includes copies of his books, correspondence with publishers, and personal letters. Correspondents include Hamlin Garland, Jim Tully, John R. White, and Charmain London.
Ax 312

Hudson's Bay Company.
Records relating to operations of the Hudson's Bay Company in Oregon, 1822-1846.
1.5 lin. ft.
Includes typed copies of documents and correspondence in the archives of the Hudson's Bay Company, selected by Robert C. Clark and Burt Brown Barker, 1936.
F978 H869

Ireland, Asher.
Field diaries, 1914-1920.
1 folder.
Forester in District 6, U.S. Forest Service. The diaries describe his work in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.
A 60

Isaac, Leo Anthony, 1892-1970.
Papers, 1920-1968.
3 lin. ft.
Silviculturist, specializing in Douglas fir. Includes field and official diaries, 1920-1951, professional correspondence, and a file of author\'s publications.
Ax 730

Jensen, Gertrude Glutsch.
Papers, 1951-1970.
3 lin. ft.
Minutes and records of conservation and other organizations, notably the Columbia River Gorge Commission, Oregon Roadside Council, Civil War Centennial Commission.
Ax 658

Josephy, Alvin M., Jr., 1915- .
Papers, 1948-1979.
115 boxes, 2 pkgs., 42 lin. ft.
Journalist, editor, author, and historian. Collection consists of manuscripts of books, screenplays and non-fiction articles, correspondence, and records and publications of Native American and environmental organizations.
Coll. 14

Kelsay, Robert C., 1898-1954.
Forest service diaries, 1948-1954.
21 v.
Daily reports of Forest Service employee stationed at Oakridge, Or. Most of his work was road surveys and road building.
A 212

Kerr, Raymond Earle, 1888-1966.
Papers, 1957-1966.
5 lin. ft.
Conservationist. Papers include correspondence, minutes, reports, and documents of various public and private conservation agencies in Oregon. Major correspondents are Donel J. Lane, Ivan E. Oakes.
Ax 345

Langille, William Alexander, 1869-1956.
Papers, 1893-1956.
1 ½ lin. fit., 482 letters.
Forester in Alaska, 1903-1911, and Brazil, 1912; administrator, Oregon State Parks Department, 1926-1949. Includes 72 letters from Major Harold D. Langille, 505th Engineer Service Brigade, A.E.F., 1917-1919.
Ax 635

Linn County Fire Patrol Association.
Minutes of director's meetings, 1911-1934.
1 folder.
Includes published annual reports of the Association, 1913-1953. `
B 133

Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumberman.
Corporation records, 1919-1936.
1 vol. and loose papers
Include minutes of board of directors, annual conference minutes, constitutions, transcripts of meetings. (See also Bryce Disque papers on Spruce Production Corporation, Coll. 115.)
Bx 40

MacGregor, Dugald W.L., 1880-
Letters from Argentina on behalf of Balfour, Williamson & Co., Liverpool, 1904-1905.
1 v.
MacGregor was manager of the Buenos Aires office of Balfour, Williamson, & Co. in 1905. The correspondence concerns commercial affairs, particularly trade in Pacific Northwest lumber.
A 72

MacKenzie, Donald, 1887-
18 leaves.
Oral history interview with Donald MacKenzie, done by Elwood R. Manuder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Seattle, Wa., 1957.
CB M1991

MacKenzie, Donald, 1887- .
Papers, 1930-1968.
37 lin. ft.
Professor of political science, Reed College, Portland, OR, and member of federal and state administrative and planning commissions. Includes records of commissions and projects.
Ax 627

Merritt, Melvin Leroy, 1879-1961.
Papers, 1870-1952.
2.5 lin. ft.
From 1905 to 1909 he was a forester in District 5, Philip[pine Islands; then forest assistant, Region 6 (1909-1920); assistant regional forester, Alaska (1921-1934); Region, (1936-1941). Contains Merritt's field diaries, 1913-1942, and personal diaries and account books, 1905-1909, 1937, 1944-1949, 1952, and articles concerning forestry work in the Philippines. Special files concern the Tillamook, Or., subrogation case (1947-1950), Save the Myrtlewoods, Inc. (1950-1953), and fire control papers (1944-1945). Also contains the field diaries of John D. Guthire, assistant regional forester, District 6, 1923-1932.
Ax 66

Merritt, Melvin Leroy, 1879-1961.
38 leaves
3 feet of microfilm (positive).
Four Years in the Philippine Forests, 1905-1909. Portland, Or., n.d. Employed by the Philippine Bureau of Forestry.
MF 91

Moir, Stuart, 1892-1960.
18 leaves.
Oral history interview with Stuart Moir, done by Elwood R. Manuder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Portland, Or., 1958.
CB M728

Morfitt, James, 1859-
26 leaves.
A History of James Morfitt and His Family. Nelscott, Or., 1942.
Settled in Malheur County; engaged in logging and ranching.
CB M819

Murray, Lowell Thomas, 1885-
60 leaves.
Oral history interview with L.T. Murray, Sr., done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Tacoma, Wa., 1957.
CB M964

Neuberger, Maurine Brown, 1907- .
Papers, 1950-1967.
54 lin. ft.
Oregon senator. Most of the papers are senatorial office files, 1960-1967. Major subjects include conservation, public power, reclamation, public health and social security.
Ax 323

Neuberger, Richard Lewis, 1912-1960.
Senatorial office papers, 1955-1959.
11 lin. ft.
Senator from Oregon. Especially concerned with conservation, public land, public power, public health.
Ax 78

Nilsson, Adolph.
Field diaries, 1913-1917, 1923, 1925-1927.
1 folder.
Forester. The diaries describe his work for the U.S. Forest Service, District 6.
A 92

Onthank, Karl William, 1890-1968.
Conservation papers, 1950-1967.
24 lin. ft., including about 7,000 letters.
Conservationist. Include administrative files, correspondence, and documents of a variety of public and private conservation organizations on the Pacific coast, particularly Oregon, and correspondence with conservationists and public officials. Major organizations represented are: Committee for the Oregon dunes; Friends of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Inc.; Columbia basin interagency committee; Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs; Izaac Walton League of America; Lane County Parks and Recreation Commission; Nature conservancy: Oregon County Parks Association; Oregon Water Resources Board; Sierra Club. Major correspondents are: O. K. DeWitt, Pauline Dyar, Harris Ellsworth, Wayne L. Morse, Richard L. Neuberger, Charles O. Porter, Robert W. Sawyer, J. Herbert Stone, Edgar Wayburn.
Ax 356

Oregon AFL-CIO.
Miscellaneous papers, 1947-1964.
9 lin. ft.
Most of the files concern political education and political action. Major correspondents are George Brown and James T. Marr.
Bx 165

Oregon American Lumber Co., Vernonia, OR.
Greenman, Judd, 1885-1957.
Papers, 1926-1957.
72 lin. ft., including about 90,000 letters.
Includes records of the Oregon American Lumber Company, Vernonia, OR., political and personal papers.
Bx 136 (sto.)

Pacific Northwest Development Association.
Research files, 1947-1961.
6 lin. ft.
Printed and near-printed material, especially relating to Columbia Valley Inter-agency Committee, Columbia Valley Authority, National Reclamation Association, National Water Conservation Congress.
Bx 143

Pacific Northwest Hardwood Association, Portland, Or.
Minutes of meetings, 1933.
1 v.
The organization, never incorporated, was formed to encourage compliance with the lumber code of the National Recovery Act. Officers were J.A. Irwin, B.B. Ostlind, F.C. Goodyear, A.R. DeBurgh, and M.L. Mead.
B 80

Patrick Lumber Company, Portland, OR.
Sales books, 1915-1956.
25 v.
Wholesale lumber company.
Bx 22

Pierce, Walter Marcus, 1861-1954.
Papers, 1888-1969.
87 boxes, 88 lin. ft.
U.S. Congressman from Oregon\'s 2nd district, 1933-1943 and Oregon Governor, 1923-1927. Consists of correspondence, speeches, legislation, reports, and related material covering U.s. and particularly Pacific Northwest history and politics.
Coll. 68

Pitch Pine Lumber Company, New York, NY
Correspondence relating to the Pitch Pine Lumber Company, New York City, the Pacific Export Lumber Company, Portland, Or., and the Plateau Farm Company, Portland, Or., 1874-1909.
1 folder.
All letters are to or from William D. Wheelwright. The letters refer in part to the Elm Branch case, and to the Charles D. Ward land case.
B 56

Rase, Frederick W.
Field diaries, 1915, 1916.
15 pieces.
Worked as a surveyor in District 6, U.S. Forest Service. The diaries describe various jobs in Oregon and Washington.
A 102

Rettie, James Cardno, 1904-1969.
Papers, 1924-1969.
13 lin. ft.
Economist, U.S. Forest Service and Department of Interior. Records of assignments relating to economic aspects of forestry, flood control, pollution, atomic power plants, natural resources and Alaska.
Ax 626

Ridgeway, George W.
Field diaries, 1913, 1914.
16 pieces.
Worked as a surveyor in District 6, U.S. Forest Service. The diaries describe jobs in Oregon and Washington.
A 103

Robins, Thomas Matthew, 1881-1965.
Papers, 1913-1958.
10 lin. ft., including about 2,000 letters.
Army engineer. Graduate, U.S. Military Academy, 1904; division engineer, south Pacific, Pacific, and North Pacific division. Supervised design and construction of Bonneville dam, and Willamette Valley flood control project. Operated as private consulting engineer after …
Ax 278

Rupp, Norman Nienstedt, 1882-1942.
Rupp family and business papers, 1875-1950.
6 lin. ft.
Timberland owner and investor. With his father, John J. Rupp, bought, leased, and sold timber lands in Florida Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. Moved to Saginaw, Mich. to Portland, OR. Associated with Huron Timber Co., Mitchell, Door real estate Co., Rupp Investment Co., Rose Gold Mining and Milling Co. The papers includes the diaries of John J. Rupp, 1875-1927, letters, books, journals and ledgers.
Ax 94

Sawyer, Robert Will-, 1880-.
Records of the Oregon State Highway Commission from the files of Robert W. Sawyer, member of the commission, 1928-1930.
12 boxes.
Includes some personal correspondence of R. W. Sawyer, under subjects as filed by him.
Bx 52

Smith-Powers Logging Company, Marshfield, Or.
Ledger, June-Dec., 1881.
1 v.
B 67

Standard Appraisal Company, Portland, Or.
Appraisal report on the plant of Oregon-Kalama Lumber Company, Winlock, Wa. Portland, Or, 1923.
258 leaves, ill.
B 135

Stephens-Weatherford Company, Albany, Or.
Journal and ledger, 1919-1945.
1 v.
A timber holding company.
B 68

Stevens, James, 1892-
Oral history interview with James Stevens, done by Elwood R. Maunder, Forest History Foundation, Inc., Seattle, WA, 1957.
CB St47

Sugar Pine Mill and Fixture Company, Albany, Or.
Corporate records, 1894-1903.
1 v.
Includes articles of incorporation and minutes of board meetings. Incorporated in 1894 by George W. Hochstedler, Edmund Zeyss and C.W. Sears, and dissolved in 1903.
B 6.9


Ullman, Albert Conrad, 1914-1986
Papers, 1957-1980.
265 boxes.
U.S. Congressman from Oregon\'s 2nd district. Contains correspondence, reports, legislation, published material providing background information on the issues, and other files accumulated during Ullman\'s twenty-four years in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Coll. 40

U.S. Office of Price Administration.
Studies and reports, 1940-1947.
2 reels (positive).
Reel 2 contains reports and chronologies pertaining to lumber and lumber products, 1941-1946. Originals in the National Archives.
MF 76

Van Waters, George Bro-, 1856-1934.
Papers, 1879-1939.
1 ½ lin. ft.
Clergyman, Protestant-Episcopal church, rector and archdeacon, Oregon diocese, 1891-1924. Includes letters of Bishop Robert Lewis Paddock, Benjamin Wistat Morris, Miriam Van Waters, and various members of the Van Waters and Vosburg families.
Ax 215

Warner Creek Fire Collection
Records, 1991-200; 11 linear ft. (23 containers)
The Warner Creek Fire collection consists of documents related to the Warner Creek Fire in Willamette National Forest, Oregon in October 1991, and its aftermath. The majority of the collection is the Administrative Record presented by the U.S.F.S. during DISTRICT OF OREGON lawsuit 94-6245: SIERRA CLUB, et al v. UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE. The Warner Creek Fire was set by an unknown arsonist on October 10, 1991. By the time it was controlled on October 27, it had burned 8,973 acres on the Oakridge Ranger District, at a cost of $10 million. The burned area lies north of State Highway 58, about 12 miles east of the City of Oakridge, Oregon. The entire fire area lay within what was soon (January 1992) to be designated a Habitat Conservation Area (specifically, HCA 0-10), a designated management area primarily for Northern Spotted Owl habitat [1]. It was the first large fire in a Spotted Owl HCA, and thus a major test of the Forest Service's application of spotted owl conservation guidelines.
Coll 287

Western Pine Association.
Records, 1906-1959.
26 lin. ft.
Originally Western Pine Manufacturers Association.
Bx 105

Whisant, Archibald McNeill, 1876-1961.
1 ½ lin. ft.
Newspaperman, publicist, author. Included among the manuscripts is a history of the lumber trade in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the material is undated.
Ax 98

White, John Roberts, 1879-1961.
Papers, 1897-1961.
12 lin. ft., including about 2,000 letters.
Soldier, national park superintendent. Author was with Greek foreign legion, 1897, in Klondike, 1898, with U.S. 4th infantry in Philippines, 1899-1901, member, later colonel, Philippine constabulary, 1901-1914, in Switzerland for Rockefeller foundation, 1916, in Signal Corps air service, 1917-1918, U.S. National Park ranger, Grand Canyon, 1919-1920, Superintendent, Sequoia and General Grant National Parks, 1920-1933, Sequoia and Death Valley, 1933-1938, chief of operations, region 3 and region 4, National Park Service, 1940-1941. Papers include diaries from 1897, letters from Greece, Klondike, Switzerland, Philippine Islands, and autobiography.
Ax 192

Woodlawn Plywood Co. . Hoquiam, WA.
Records of the Woodlawn Plywood Co. and Northern Timber Co., 1946-1954.
6 lin. ft.
Ledgers, journals, accounts receivable, and general correspondence.
Bx 189


Lumbermen's Steiwer-for-Senator Club, Portland, Or.
Save the lumber industry . . . a vote for Senator Steiwer is a vote against dumping in the United States of lumber manufactured by the Japanese, Chinese, and Hindus of Canada . . . Portland, Or., 1932. 32.5 x 21.25 cm.
G 1932 L97

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction! Sale of logs . . . Olympia, W.T., Olympia Transcript print, 1872
45 x 30 cm.
Sale held February 3, 1872. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.35

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction! Sale of logs . . . Olympia, W.T., Olympia Transcript print, 1872.
41 x 30.5 cm.
Sale held April 20, 1872. Piles impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.36

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs . . .Olympia, W.T., Transcript print, 1872.
42 x 31 cm.
Sale held June 19, 1872. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.37

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs . . . Olympia, W.T., 1873.
43 x 31 cm.
Sale held July 5, 1873. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.38

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs . . . Olympia, W.T., Transcript print, 1872.
40 x 30.5 cm.
Sale held July 10, 1872. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.39

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs . . . Olympia, W.T., Olympia Transcript print, 1872.
43 x 30 cm.
Sale held August 28, 1872. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.40

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs . . . Olympia, W.T., Transcript print, 1872.
42 x 30.5 cm.
Sale held November 13 1872. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.41

U.S. Land Office. Olympia, W.T.
Auction sale of saw logs... Olympia, W.T., Courier print, 1873.
54 x 40 cm.
Sale held June 21, 1873. Logs impounded by federal government.
G St42 no.42

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Oregon chapter of Sierra Club
16.5 lin. ft. 11 boxes
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