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Oregon Digital

The University of Oregon and Oregon State University Libraries digital collections.

What's in Oregon Digital?

Oregon Digital contains more than 100 collections and over 400,000 items. A full list of all collections is available on the Collections List page.

Some collections are available only to UO and OSU students, faculty and staff only due to copyright restrictions. To access these collections, users need to be on campus or connected to the campus network through a Virtual Private Network at either UO or OSU.

Here are some places to begin your search:

African Studies and History

Agriculture, Botany and Food Sciences

American Studies and History

Animal Studies, Zoology and Veterinary Medicine

Anthropology, Folklore, Ethnography

Art, Architecture, Archaeology and Museum Studies

Biology, Entomology, Pharmacy Studies

Business and Economics

Cinema Studies

East Asian Studies and History


Engineering & Applied Sciences

English Communication, Criticism and Journalism

Environmental Studies and Resource Management

European Studies and History


Indigenous American Studies and History

Latinx and Latin American Studies and History

Marine Biology and Resource Management

Middle Eastern Studies and History

Music and Theater Arts

Oregon History

Oregon State University History and Publications

Political Science

Product Design and Human Environment Planning

Psychology & Counseling

University of Oregon History and Publications

Women's & Gender Studies

items from Oregon Digital

Villa of the Mysteries. Initiation chamber wall paintings

Mayo Methot and Humphrey Bogart with dog on steps of house

Yaquina Bay Bridge construction