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Clark Honors College Research Guide

This guide provides links to a number of research sources and course guides for students in the Robert D. Clark Honors College.

Finding Newer CHC Theses in Scholars' Bank

Since 2015, graduating CHC Seniors have all submitted electronic copies of their theses to the UO Libraries' online institutional repository: Scholars' Bank, however there are some older theses in there too!

Search the "Clark Honors College Theses" Collection to find pdfs of theses to download and read. (Note: a small selection of them may have higher restrictions on use and may not be available to download.)

Searching for Older Theses in the Library Catalog

To find physical/print CHC Theses in the UO Libraries, search the Library Catalog's Advanced Search feature using these tricks:

  1. Always put in the following search terms to limit your findings to Clark Honors College Theses:
    First set of dropdown menus: "Title" and "Exact Phrase" - Search Box: "University of Oregon theses"
    Second set of dropdown menus: "Title" and "Exact Phrase" - Search Box: "Honors College" 

  2. Then enter any other keywords you are interested in, such as the department or subject the thesis was written in, an author's name, or so on.

  3. You can also use the additional search options to limit to a year range, for instance if you only want to see theses written before a certain year, or between specific years.

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