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Wall Street Journal Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have a paid subscription, how can I get access through the UO Libraries subscription?

A: If a student or a faculty/staff member has a personal WSJ membership and would like to convert it to their school-sponsored WSJ Membership, they will need to call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel. Once their personal account has been cancelled, they will be able to activate their UO-sponsored account.

Q: Do I need to use the Library link every time I want to access WSJ?

A: No, once you've created an account using the UO Libraries link, you can go directly to or their mobile apps. 

Q: Does the UO Libraries WSJ subscription have any restrictions?

A: Yes, a few:

  • You must have a valid University of Oregon email address to register.
  • Our access does not include WSJ Pro articles
  • If you are a student and delay graduation past the date provided during account set-up, you will need to contact WSJ Customer Service and provide proof of continued enrollment. 

Q. Will the WSJ apps from Apple and Android work with our subscription?

A. Yes! Once you have set up your account through our shared subscription, you can log in to the apps on your mobile device using your new account information.

Q: How do current UO faculty and staff renew their memberships?

A:  Faculty and staff should receive an automated email from Dow Jones with a "Refresh Membership" link as the annual deadline approaches. Alternatively, visit to refresh your account

Q: Do students receive additional benefits from Wall Street Journal after they graduate? 

A: Students with activated memberships qualify for significantly reduced promotional rates that continue for two years after graduating.  Students will receive an automated email upon graduation from WSJ inviting them to subscribe at those exclusive rates. 

More questions?

For any support requests, you can contact WSJ Customer Service:

  • 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625)
    Hours: M-F 9am - 7pm Central
    You'll need your email address used to create your account.  Please ask to be transferred to the Education Department.