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ARCH 423/523 Utility Futures

This is a course guide for ARCH 423/523 Media For Design Development: Utility Futures Spring 2022


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This guide provides links for map resources related to energy and water utilities in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the United States.

Whether searching for static maps, interactive maps, or downloadable data to create your own maps, you'll find spatial data is ubiquitous on the Internet. Below are some suggested reputable resources concerning utilities in Oregon and the United States. Many of these publications are from government agencies and are in the public domain for you to reuse.  However, give credit where credit is due! Check out the Attribution Statement Guide and the information on how to cite other people's works.

US Energy Maps and GIS Data

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Maps This site links to static and interactive maps concerning coal, electricity, nuclear, oil, natural gas, and renewable energy.

U.S. Energy Atlas provides links to a plethora of interactive maps on energy infrastructure and resources which can be explored.  Customized screenshots can be created and downloaded. Additionally, the Data link allows you to search and download GIS layers for you to manipulate in your own GIS program.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Geospatial Data Science Links to both static maps and spatial data sources concerning biomass, geothermal, hydrogen, marine, hydrokinetic, solar, and wind.

NREL's Renewable Energy Atlas an interactive map of US renewable energy resources such as biomass, solar, wind, wave, and hydro power.

Oregon Energy Maps and GIS Data

Oregon Energy Facilities An interactive map with basic information about energy facilities that fall under Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) jurisdiction.

Geothermal Information Layer for Oregon (GTIOL-2) An Interactive map of geothermal wells, hot springs, and related information.  You can manipulate the view and download a custom map.

Mineral Information Layer for Oregon v3 (MILO-3) An interactive map of mineral resources including coal which can be manipulated to show the location or coal deposits and custom maps may be downloaded. Source Data may also be downloaded to manipulate using GIS software.

State Library of Oregon Digital Collections: Oregon Maps A keyword searchable database of static online maps produced by Oregon state agencies or regional interest maps produced by federal agencies.

Oregon Spatial Data Library Search and download GIS layers for Oregon, including electric transmission lines and substations.