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UGST 199: Asian Lens

UO Special Collections

Special Collections and University Archives hold over 3,000 collections; more than a million items ranging from medieval codices and rare books to literary and historical manuscripts, university archives, original art, photographs, architectural drawings, and ephemera. The department preserves regional history, provides curriculum support, and assists amateur and scholarly researchers in many fields, including Japanese Studies.

Gertrude Bass Warner Collection

Gertrude Bass Warner (1863-1951) was an art enthusiast, internationalist, and traveler. On her first trip to Asia in 1904, she became fascinated with the region and began, with her husband Murray Warner, to collect art and documentation of art and culture in Asia.The collection documents Asian art, culture, and architecture before World War II, in China, Japan, Korea and Cambodia.

Chinese Rare Books

        There are about 50 Chinese rare books with the earliest piece dating back to the Yongle reign in the early 15th century.  Most of the rare books come from the Gertrude Bass Warner Collection.  For more details, check out this list.

Collection of Japanese Votive Slips (nōsatsu or senjafuda)

The Gertrude Bass Warner Collection of Japanese Votive Slips at the University of Oregon Libraries is the largest collection in North America. The images in the collection cover a wide range of themes including landscapes; depictions of figures from Edo-period popular fiction and theatre; shrines and temples; seasonal celebrations; mythical creatures; firefighters; Japanese toys and collectibles; and prints showing the activities of the nōsatsu-kai members themselves.