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Foundations of Strategic Communication

Building a foundation

The encyclopedias, handbooks, and other materials listed here provide a good place to build foundational knowledge of a subject and find key research and researchers in a field.

Annual Reviews

Example of Annual Review titles:

Political Effects of the Internet and Social Media

Mining Social Media Data for Biomedical Signals and Health-Related Behavior

Social Media– and Internet-Based Disease Surveillance for Public Health

Social Media Elements, Ecologies, and Effects

Screen Time, Social Media Use, and Adolescent Development

Social Networks in Policy Making

Contemporary Social Movements in a Hybrid Media Environment

Public Health and Online Misinformation: Challenges and Recommendations

Human Rights and Technology: New Challenges for Justice and Accountability

Image Forensics

Modern Discrimination in Organizations

Computational Social Science and Sociology

Psychology of Transnational Terrorism and Extreme Political Conflict