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A guide to library resources for bassoon players

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Bassoon Music

These are some of the call numbers for locating music for bassoon (and members of the bassoon family) in the UO Music Collection.  Using these, you can browse for performance repertoire, histories, and method books on the physical shelves, or browse by Library of Congress call numbers in LibrarySearch.

Unaccompanied Works

  • M77: Music for solo bassoon
  • M75-79:  Music for solo contrabassoon
  • M110 D: Music for solo dulcian

Solo Works with Piano Accompaniment

  • M253-M254: Music for bassoon or contrabassoon and piano

Chamber Works

  • M288-M289:  Bassoon music (2 bassoons)
  • M357-M358:  Bassoon music (3+ bassoons)
  • M457-M459:  Bassoon music (4 bassoons)
  • M357.2:  Woodwind Trios
  • M457.2:  Woodwind Quartets
  • M557-M559:  Woodwind Quintets

Large Ensemble Works

  • M1026-M1027: Bassoon or contrabassoon solo with orchestra
  • M955-M959: Wind Ensemble Music (10+ players)

Instruction, Study, and History (Books)

  • ML950:  History of the bassoon
  • ML951:  History of the construction and repair of bassooons and reeds
  • ML953:  History of bassoon music and playing

Studies and Exercises (Teaching pieces and excerpts)

  • MT402 & MT405: Methods books for bassoon
  • MT406: Orchestral excerpts for bassoon or contrabassoon
  • MT412: Method books for contrabassoon

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