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ARCH 492/592: Environmental Controls Systems II

Research guide for ARCH 4/592.

Researching Architects

Try finding encyclopedia or reference entries on architects to get started. Oftentimes, these resources can lead you to significant literature about the subject. You can also come across relevant search terms that are associated with particular architects, such as styles or concepts. 

Recommended Reference Resources

Diving Deeper

You can follow up on any resources discussed in the reference material as a first step. Try searching the bibliographic information (e.g. author, title) in LibrarySearch.

If you're interested in finding more work about the particular architect, try to search their name as a "Subject" in LibrarySearch. Click the drop-down option that reads "Any field" and select "Subject." 


"Subject" search option circled in Advanced Search interface


This should help narrow your search results. Once you click on a title that looks interesting, scroll down to find the Subjects section. These subjects work like hashtags; they will link you to other resources that have been assigned with that subject heading. 

Subject headings with arrow pointing at "Scott Brown, Denise, 1931"


Avery Index

The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals can provide citations or, in some cases, full text access to articles about architects. Note: You may need to submit an Interlibrary Loan request for some material if they're not available at UO. 

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