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Local Color (57:44)

"This one-hour film chronicles the little known history of racism in Oregon and its movement for civil rights. Although this documentary reveals moments of highly disturbing racism in a state known for its diversity, it also reveals hopeful moments of inspiration and courage as Oregonians take a stand to bring important change to their State." (OPB)

Oregon's Black Pioneers (29:42)

"For decades, Oregon legally excluded black people from settling in the region. Despite racists laws and attitudes, some came anyway. “Oregon’s Black Pioneers” examines the earliest African-Americans who lived and worked in the region during the mid-1800s." (OPB)

Portland Expo Center: A Hidden History (06:21)

"In 1942, the United States government imprisoned 3,676 Japanese Americans from Oregon and southwest Washington at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition Center, now known as the Portland Expo Center. This video, produced by Jodi Darby for Oregon Humanities, explores the hidden history of the Expo Center through the words of people who were there." (Oregon Humanities)

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Oregon (1hr 23m)

Documents the history of conflict between the Portland police and community members throughout the past fifty years. (Kanopy)

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