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SOC 445/545: Sociology of Race Relations

This guide will help you with your research projects for Soc 445/545 Sociology of Race Relations

Checking Your Sources

Is your book from an Academic / Scholarly source?

Look at the publisher of the book, and then see if you can find it listed on AAUP list linked below. Note - there *are* some publishers that are scholarly that won't appear on this list. Two common ones are Brill and Routledge. If you think you've found a high quality scholarly book that you would like to use, you can also ask your professor or the librarian to help assess if your book will work.

Quick hints for searching:

  • If you need an edited volume / anthology, try adding the word "edited" to your search.
  • Look under the "details" tab for information about the chapters - you will often see a list of chapters with an author noted for each one.
  • If you are having trouble finding a university press publication, try adding "university" to your search.

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