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​Marine Biology Resources

Links to the library catalog, recommended databases for marine-related information and links to data sources of use to Oregon Institute of Marine Biology students and faculty.

Marine Biology Subject Specialist

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Dean Walton

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LibrarySearch offers a streamlined interface for finding books and other media that combines the collections of UO Libraries and Summit libraries.

Who to ask for help

The UO Library's marine biology subject specialist is Dean Walton (left). He is located in Eugene and can be reached by email. The OIMB librarian is Clara Piazzola Robbins (right). They are located in Charleston and can be reached by email, phone, or by visiting the OIMB library during their office hours (Monday through Friday, 9AM-1PM).

OIMB Library Help

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OIMB Librarian

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Clara Piazzola Robbins
63466 Boat Basin Drive,
Charleston, OR 97420
(541) 888-2581 x219
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1501 Kincaid Street Eugene, OR
T: (541) 346-3053
F: (541) 346-3485
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