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Citation Management Software - Zotero

A guide to getting started with Zotero, a free, open source citation management tool.

About Juris-M

Juris-M is based on, but separate from, Zotero. It adds support for adding multilingual materials to your Zotero library. You may want to consider using Juris-M if your research materials are in multiple languages or if you write in English but primarily conduct research in another language. 

Our thanks to Adam Lisbon, Assistant Professor and Japanese & Korean Studies Librarian at the University of Colorado Boulder for allowing us to share this content that he developed for a Multilingual Reference Management guide.

Install Juris-M

1. Make an account with Zotero

2. Download and install the Juris-M desktop application (Juris-M Standalone) and the Juris-M browser connector for your browser. Juris-M uses Zotero's base code and is essentially identical, except with added functionality for multi-lingual metadata fields

3. Make sure to sync Juris-M with your online Zotero account by going to "Preferences" in Juris-M and clicking on "Sync." Enter your Zotero username and password. 

Multilingual Setup

Juris-M has a complex set of metadata fields that allow you to record materials in the vernacular, transliteration, and translation. 

Go to "Preferences" and then "Languages" to add a language. This will allow you to designate whether a title, author, etc. is in a particular language. 

See Adam Lisbon's page on Multilingual Setup for more information on adding transliterations, adding multilingual information to your sources, and creating multilingual citations and bibliographies. The examples on this page demonstrate how to set up Juris-M for Japanese.