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OER and Textbook Affordability

This guide is an introduction to the use and creation of Open Educational Resources faculty & staff at the University of Oregon

Faculty Leaders in OER

book cover: writing as Inquiry: a guide to WR 121 at the UOStephen Rust: white man in 40s, wearing glasses and a brown jacket.Kara Clevinger: woman with dark hair in a black suit

University of Oregon (UO) professors Kara Clevinger and Stephen Rust co-wrote Writing as Inquiry: A Guide to WR 121 at the University of Oregon. They wrote this book to provide an alternative to expensive textbooks used in first-year writing courses at UO. Writing as Inquiry provides an excellent, no-cost option for WR 121 courses at UO and beyond and will help first year students access education without the added burden of textbook fees. 

headshot of a smiling white woman sitting at a desk.     book cover: introduction to the nonprofit sector by dyana p mason 2022

Congratulations to PPPM professor Dyana Mason on the publication of her OER Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector that will replace paid materials in her PPPM 280 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector course! This excellent introductory textbook covers the nonprofit sector's roll in society and key questions facing it. The book also considers the growing number of social enterprises and other "social innovation" organizations, and seeks to understand their influence on society.

What's Happening at UO?

Pressbooks Pilot

UO libraries is currently piloting an OER authoring platform called Pressbooks. Pressbooks makes it simple to adapt or create OER, and allows authors to generate multiple book formats including a web book, PDFs, EPUBs, and more. Whether you want to make a few simple edits to a published OER, or create something from scratch, Pressbooks is a good option. Check out OER published at UO through Pressbooks, or request an OER consult to learn about getting started with Pressbooks.

Funding for OER

Beginning Fall 2022 term, the University of Oregon Libraries is excited to offer funding for faculty interested in adopting Open Educational Resources to save their students money. Faculty who convert their course from high cost ($50+) to no cost are eligible to apply for a $1,000 award. Preference will be given to courses that are high enrollment (impacting 300+ students per academic year), in the Core Ed, and/or have high DFNW rates. To apply, please complete the following form:


Request a consultation with the OER librarian or OER specialist. You'll be directed to a short form where you can sign up for a consultation and answer a few questions about what you need help with.

OER Development Process

Once you've applied for funding (above) and/or consulted with the OER team, these resources will help guide you through the OER development process. Everyone's OER creation process will look a little different, the OER Production Workflow will give you you an idea of all the steps that go into OER creation. The OER Pre-Production Author Guide is designed to be completed alongside step two in the OER Production Workflow and will help you set actionable goals for your project and come up with a workable structure. If questions come up at any point in the production process you can always contact the OER team.

       OER production workflow flowchart


The OER Production Workflow was adapted from Michigan State University's (MSU's) OER Production Flowchart which is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

The OER Pre-Production Author Guide was adapted from the Author Guide: Template by LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Pressbooks Training

Pressbooks is an open source publishing platform that many OER authors at UO use to publish their OER. You can see examples of Pressbooks books at the Pressbooks Directory or the UO Pressbooks Catalog. There are several ways you can learn how to use Pressbooks, you are welcome to use multiple methods. You can also read through the Pressbooks User Guide, which is very helpful for answering quick questions about using Pressbooks.

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