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University of Oregon
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Creating LibGuides at the University of Oregon Libraries

Resources and Best Practices for creating LibGuides at UO Libraries.

LibGuides at the UO LIbraries

Purpose of this Guide
It remains important for t
he UO Libraries Web presence that all library content be properly maintained and kept as part of a cohesive whole. This LibGuide provides step-by-step training, outlines best practices, defines quantifiable standards to which all LibGuide pages must adhere, and includes a mechanism for addressing situations where pages fail to meet these standards.

Springshare Training

Springshare offers excellent step-by-step Guides

Creating Guides - Includes: The Basics, Reusing Guides, Creating a Guide from Scratch, Copying an Existing Guide, Best Practices, Adding Pages, Adding Content, Changing Guide Options, and Publishing.

Adding Content to Guides - Includes: Overview, Box Types, Adding Assets to Guides, Adding Images, Hiding Guide Content, Deleting Guide Content.

Still have questions?

If you have additional questions about creating and updating LibGuides that these resources don't address, please contact one of the LibGuides Administrators, who are listed on main screen of the LibGuide owner/editor interface.

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